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Make it easier to find bugs in Bugzilla


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(Depends on 2 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

This is intended to be used as an idea collection and tracking bug for efforts
that will make it easier to find bugs in Bugzilla.
Keywords: meta
One approach is to improve the Bugzilla query forms (bug 65928).
Depends on: 65928
Oops, sorry, that should be bug 65931 "Improve Bugzilla query forms".
Depends on: 65931
No longer depends on: 65928
Depends on: 65965
Another thing that could help is a "bug type" classification (bug 65965).
Depends on: 43940
Bug 43940 is about adding support for Component _Trees_ in Bugzilla.
Adding bug 66084: "(Query based) Partial Bugzilla Index by UI Element Names"
Depends on: 66084
Blocks: 65928
cc'ing the master of bugzilla queries. Wanna look at the dependency tree?
I know this is a meta bug, but I thought you guys might know if there was an
existing bug that covered this issue. If not, I can create it... uh... in Jan as
I'm about to go on vacation for a while.

I set my mozilla keywords to google and my mozilla search to bugzilla so that I
could readily search for existing bugs. However, the bugzilla search in mozilla
doesn't do as useful a query as it could. I consistently get better results
using the website rather than the bugzilla search via my location bar.

Could the query be changed?

Current location bar query of bugzilla:

Now go to
and search and you'll get this query:

Note the major differences:

location bar searches for an email.
bugzilla searches for substring value in a variety of fields

Ideally, this would be implemented by first changing Bugzilla to support
something like this:

The Quick Search would then look in all the appropriate fields. Then Mozilla
would be changed to use that sort of query for bugzilla searches.

If folks decided later that some different behavior would help folks find bugs
quicker, then they could change things on the bugzilla end and the change would
automatically propogate to all mozilla users with recent mozilla apps. They
wouldn't have to download something new everytime folks found a better way to
search for bugs.

Like I said, going on vacation until 2nd week of Jan (in a few hours), so if
this needs to be made into two new bugs, I can do it when I get back, or if
someone beats me to it, just say so here and I'll not do it.

Depends on: 130835, 140617, 145588, 145666
Depends on: 149912
Depends on: 36525
Depends on: 71406
No longer depends on: 65965
Depends on: 9412
--> Bugzilla: Other b.m.o Issues
Assignee: asa → justdave
Component: Miscellaneous → Bugzilla: Other b.m.o Issues
QA Contact: myk
At the moment, this is a metabug.  It's kinda pointless to have it assigned to anyone.
Assignee: justdave → nobody
Isn't this bug and bug 22353 really about the same missing functionality?
QA Contact: myk → reed
I don't think this bug has further value, in that if we ever discuss this issue again, we aren't going to start from here. If you disagree, please reopen it.

Closed: 11 years ago
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