Remove channel switching UI (Port bug 659972)

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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #659972 +++

I think we should follow what Firefox have done in removing the channel switching UI - especially as they are going to remove backend support for it as well (bug 660038).

For aurora I suggest we follow what Firefox has done - remove the UI keeping the strings. The only thing we need to be careful about there is that we keep the "Earlybird" as the display name on the aurora channel.

For central, we can just remove everything.

Protz: could you take this on? Should be quite simple.
note: I might not remove the backend support and will decide at sometime in the future
Taking this. I'm fairly busy right now as I'm killing off the last bugs before the final, stable release of Conversations, but I'll tackle this bug as soon as conversations is published.
Assignee: nobody → jonathan.protzenko
Assignee: jonathan.protzenko → mbanner
This removes the channel switching UI in the same way as Firefox did it, i.e. keeping the line about which channel a user is on.

This doesn't remove the en-US strings, I'll add a separate patch for that which will handle that and can land on just comm-central.

I'd like to get this in asap as it is currently one of the things blocking releasing the next comm-beta release, so let me know if you can't review it quickly.
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Remove the channel switching UI but keep the strings in place

I haven't tested this, but assuming the changes are the same as in Firefox, this looks fine.
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Remove the channel switching UI but keep the strings in place

We also want this patch for 6 and 7.
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