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cyclic __proto__ is possible for ArrayBuffer


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var b = new ArrayBuffer([]);
b.__proto__ = b;

  Crash due to too much recursion through js::ArrayBuffer::obj_lookupProperty

  "TypeError: cyclic __proto__ value" at line 2

Regression from:

user:        Nikhil Marathe
date:        Tue Jun 14 15:33:11 2011 -0400
summary:     Bug 656519 - Avoid a malloc (and a finalizer) by storing the malloc'd array in our slots instead of in a separate malloc'd structure in our private field. r=mrbkap
Attached patch Fix recursionSplinter Review
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Fix recursion

The patch fixes the problem for me.
Attachment #540340 - Flags: review?(jruderman)
Blocks: 665356
Should be applied over attachment 540340 [details] [diff] [review].

Fixes issue where accessing __proto__ after setting it to null caused a property lookup on the delegate object instead which returned its own __proto__.
Attachment #541194 - Flags: review?(mrbkap)
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ArrayBuffer and internal delegate share prototype chain

r=me with a followup bug filed on fixing the fact that this doesn't actually delegate to Object.prototype.__proto__'s setter (and the behavioral differences that are visible because of that.
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No longer blocks: 667047
Depends on: 667047
updated with testcase to show fix for bug 665961
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ArrayBuffer and internal delegate share prototype chain

Review of attachment 542202 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: js/src/jstypedarray.cpp
@@ +293,5 @@
> +            return false;
> +
> +        if (!SetProto(cx, obj, pobj, true)) {
> +            // restore proto on delegate
> +            SetProto(cx, delegate, oldDelegateProto, true);

It'd probably be good to use JS_ALWAYS_TRUE here.
Attachment #542202 - Flags: review?(mrbkap) → review+
But a SetProto call can fail with an exception in the case of
x.__proto__ = x
which should raise an exception but not abort the interpreter.

So it seems to be a better idea to restore the delegate prototype chain.
Sorry, the quoting there wasn't the best. I was talking about the second call to SetProto. In that case, we are already resetting the delegate's proto to the original proto, and we know that that was a valid proto to begin with.

The first call (that's already in the if statement's condition) definitely needs to be a runtime check.
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Closed: 11 years ago
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