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Data Manager should pre-fill "Forget" checkboxes based on selected domain type


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Bug 613795 allows to list only domains for which a specific type of data is available, thus making it easier to narrow down domains of interest for a specific data type. This is also used for Tools > xxx Manager > Manage xxx.

When selecting a domain in any state and pressing DEL, the "Forget" tab appears with checkboxes available for each data type. Neither of those is checked. Now, if I'm in the "Cookies only" category (e.g., after selecting "Manage Stored Cookies" from the menu), it is obvious that I'd want to delete cookies. Thus, in cases where the domain listing is narrowed down to a specific data type, that type should already be checked in the Forget tab so that the user only has to confirm the selection without the need for an additional mouse click.
I suggest WONTFIX here. It's very much intentional that NO entry is selected there by default, as that would make it way too easy to accidentally delete data. Yes, forget is there for deleting data, but it should be a conscious decision, not a mindless click-through.
Well, I disagree with comment #1, too many levels of "safety" are getting annoying at some point. So, how much "Are you sure" is needed?

1. You want to inspect cookies, thus select "Manage Stored Cookies"
2. A list of domains appears, pick the one you are interested in
3. The list of all cookies for this domain appears
4. Right-click and select "Forget about this domain" or the DEL shortcut
5. The "Forget" tab appears
6. Now you have to check "Cookies" explicitly
7. The "Forget this data" button becomes clickable
8. Click "Forget this data" to delete the cookies as desired

All I'm asking here is to get rid of point #6 by pre-filling it, thus saving one mouse click out of a total of five mouse actions. If you are in the context of Cookies, the primary intention of "Forget" should be unambiguous and not really much safety gained by requiring the use to mark another checkbox.
For comparison, Tools > Clear Private Data is pre-filled with the selections made in Edit > Preferences > Privacy & Security, which includes Saved Form Data, Cookies, and Saved Passwords, but not Permissions. Thus, except for the latter, it's easier to "Clear All" than "Clear Specific" at the moment.
I'm opposing this still, 7 is no real "step" for the user but is the actual prevention needed, IMHO. pressing DEL and clicking a random button without reading what this is about is too dangerous in my eyes.
Suggesting some additional options in domain list context menu in addition to "Forget about this domain":
* Forget about this domain cookies
* Forget about this domain permissions
* Forget about this domain passwords
and so on.

Just some alt lines to pre-select the right checkbox. It's absolutely safe (user has already chosen the data he want to delete) and more similar to other interfaces (with one step for action and one for confirmation).
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