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[socorro-crashstats] Ability to search for release channel


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(Reporter: kairo, Assigned: adrian)



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Would be nice to be able to search for crashes by channel in the advanced search.
Component: Socorro → General
Product: Webtools → Socorro
Whiteboard: [search]
Depends on: 656297
I hit this today when looking at some trunk crash data. is an example of a report that crashed on nightly-profiling, but there are also crashes on nightly-ux and nightly

Would be great to be able to ferret out the specific channels.
Sheila, possible to prioritize this bug?

This would be quite helpful for Thunderbird.   

One example of usefulness for Thunderbird, is that without the capability requested in bug 720055 and bug 552088 (which we would be happy to have), this bug could help us get testcases from failing users - because it is non-release channel users are more likely to provide email addresses but they often do not supply crash comments.  Thunderbird is particularly "needy" of reaching crash reporters because unlike firefox, our crash reports do not have potential testcase, i.e. failing URL.
This will be available with the new search UI, probably finished in Q2.
Assignee: nobody → adrian
Component: General → Webapp
Priority: -- → P3
Depends on: 852466
Blocks: 832362
Priority: P3 → P1
Target Milestone: --- → 40
Target Milestone: 40 → 41
Pull request:

This will be available in the new django UI only. There's not much UI work, but it's going to get much better with the new search UI (see bug 844793). 

Steps to QA

1. Go to advanced search
2. Run a search for all Firefox crashes
3. Then set a release channel (for example, "nightly" or "aurora") and run the search again
4. Verify that you see less results

I don't know how you can verify that the results are good though, but if they are different that means adding the release channel changed something, which means the middleware queried using that release channel, and I think we can trust that.
Depends on: 749359
Summary: Ability to search for release channel → [socorro-crashstats] Ability to search for release channel
Commits pushed to master at
Fixes bug 667028 - Added filter by release channels option to search.
Merge pull request #319 from AdrianGaudebert/667028-release-channel-search

Fixes bug 667028 - Added filter by release channels option to search.
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
I don't see this on dev or stage atm.
Target Milestone: 41 → ---
When you QA this bug, please QA bug 855729 too. They are tightly coupled. 

Steps to QA from bug 855729

1. First you need bug 667028 to be fixed and on production (this can only be tested in the django UI)
2. Go to advanced search
3. Run a search with a release channel (for example, "nightly" or "release")
4. Run the same search, but change the release channel to have some upper-case letters (like "Nightly" or "RELEASE")
5. Verify that you get the same results than in step 3
6. Be creative with the release channel because it's fun: you can try things like "NiGHTLy" or "AUrOrA" for example. This step is all about fun. :]
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