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Overview: Placeholder for project bug - more details to come.

This user engagement microsite is for a retention campaign aimed at deepening relationships with Firefox users and educating them about why we make Firefox. The concept is to show examples of what people want the Web to be, connect that back to why we make Firefox, and then ask users to submit what they want the Web to be. We then showcase submissions in a compelling gallery.

Project Scope: UX, design, implementation, L10n, QA, security review.

Initial launch date in mid-August, August 16th.

	Legal: Identify proper messaging and opt-ins for users to submit content (text or images) that we can use in other future materials. Also include email forwarding and an opt-in to subscribe to our email list.
	Security: Review content submission code for any security issues.

Assumptions: To be added.

Deliverables: To be added.
It's okay to showcase some of the best ideas, but I'd challenge you to come up with real tangible outcomes that people can get pumped about (kind of like a crop circle):

- a web walkway where each brick had an idea from a contributor, donated to a park somewhere
- another NY Times ad that contained the best ideas from the campaign, centered messaging that screamed, "It's Your Web.  Claim it." or something catchy.
- choosing a select few ideas, creating new initiatives around them, acting on them and involving the person who submitted the idea as a team member.
More ideas I had for physical art:
- graffiti mural donated to a school or non-profit with the ideas in it
- stone wall with ideas etched into it; a web monument
Two bits to contribute:

There's a great idea that a designer swissmiss did for the 5th birthday of her design studio. She invited her friends and fans to make a birthday party card and upload it to her flickr group. They were projected on the wall of her studio during the party.

I like this because it follows onto the theme of making something with the paper and pens that are sitting right there on your desk. It can be as simple as writing your answer to our prompt right there in your notebook, snapping a cell phone pic and uploading it.

Second bit:

It's hard to ask people to talk to a monolith such as a company, corporation, etc. We should feature some of the folks who are actually designing, testing, and implementing the Firefox product. Giving people a fact to talk to is not only more engaging, it encourages better behavior. It's important to make the participants feel like their input is being heard by the decision makers.
some sketching on what a site might look like if we featured a few of our folks who make firefox.

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It was pointed out to me that this bug is marked confidential, and I don't see any reason for it to be. Removing the confidential flag.
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Closing this out as we decided not to move forward with this campaign.
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