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Port bug 649373 - remove the PRE_RELEASE_SUFFIX so that nightly/aurora builds don't have Alpha in their window titles


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Thunderbird 8.0
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From bug 649373:

(In reply to comment #0)
> Aurora blank windows have "Alpha 2" in the title. Aurora will always have
> [version]a2 as its version. We should remove the "Alpha 2"

(In reply to comment #3)
> My understanding from #developers is that the actual summary should be "Drop
> the whole PRE_RELEASE_SUFFIX thing."
> mozilla-central will always be n.0a1, never pre, and never released or
> branded, so a screenshot with "Nightly" in the titlebar can't be confused
> with anything; mozilla-aurora will always be n.0a2, never pre, never
> branded, and we're fine with having no way to tell the difference between a
> screenshot of a shipped Aurora and a tinderbox-build Aurora; mozilla-beta
> will always be n.0, never pre, always branded, and we're fine with having no
> way to tell the difference between a screenshot of the very first
> tinderbox-build from mozilla-beta and the final release of Firefox n.0.

I think it is reasonable that we do the same for Thunderbird - it is a bit strange that it says Alpha 1/Alpha 2 when it is always that according to the branch, and the branding will tell us the difference between branches anyway.
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This blanks the pre-release suffix like Firefox did. The removals in jquery land are just because jquery doesn't get preprocessed at all, so it is pointless putting additional pre-process variables in there.
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The fix

Blake said he's happy with the idea, and I'd like to get this hitting the branches fairly soon, especially as we can't do first beta until we get it.
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