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Steps to reproduce:

I tried to find an email by entering an index code I created in my address book.

Actual results:

Thurnderbird V5 could not find it, which I could before.

Expected results:

As I correspond internationally and many companies and people and it's diffifult to rember so many people's names, I devised conding scheme to find them.  For instance, by creating "us(conoutry)_sfo(San Francisco)_abc(company name)> [1st name] [last name]", I could bring up a list of parties on San Francisco by entering "_sfo" even if I forgot the company name "abc" or the person's name, so I can go through the list to remember it.
I could search and retrieve any names by this scheme before Version 5, but now I cannot.
This may not be considered a BUG, but making something that worked before not work now is not a good upgrading polocy.
I sincerely hope you put this capability back.
Component: MozillaBuild → Address Book
Product: → Thunderbird
QA Contact: mozillabuild → address-book
Version: other → 5.0
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