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Update on 7/21 @ 1400


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Assignee: server-ops → nmaul
Whiteboard: [7/21 2pm]
Hmm... I may not be around to do this one on Thursday... if not, I will reassign to someone else. oremj is already CC'd, adding fox2mike as well. I'll ping them when I find out for sure later today.
I believe I'll be able to do this... have a prior engagement at 11:45am, but I should be back to my desk in time for this. If not I'll call in for someone else to take over.
Had some trouble with this push...

Some trouble on my part finding and implementing the rewriterule for standalone-upload.

product_details dir needed to be removed manually.

chief could not log in to the celery servers, had to fall back to old commander scripts, which did work.

Since chief had already done some things, we had some trouble with database ALTER statements... some were done, others not. a couple had to be re-run by hand with ' dbshell'.

Still need to get the vhost config pushed out via puppet. Having a problem, opened a bug about it.
After much hassle (puppet-related, not AMO-specific), the vhost config is pushed out. This is completed on our end.

The consensus was to not re-enable the impala Zeus rule just yet, so that's still off at the moment. For the record, this lives on pm-zlb-amo*, and is called 'addons-ab-test'. That may help whomever is later tasked with turning it back on. :)
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Additional push afterwards:

Completed without incident.
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