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automatic storing IMAP emails (also sent) older than 30 days to save IMAP space


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Steps to reproduce:

I try using IMAP. My IMAP server offers me 300mb space, but I quite often exceed this space, so I'd like to have my inbox- and sent-folder archived automatically but maintaining the folder structure. 

I have a feature request respectively an idea I'd like to contribute.

Actual results:

Using filters to archive Inbox automatically works only for Inbox and only If I but the out of it into a Local Folder... thus breaking my familiar structure of having all mails in inbox in each of my 5 mail accounts.

If I start to archive everything in Local Folders it'll result in 5 times inbox (for each account) and 5 time ient (for each account). 
Besides it's not possible to archive emails in "Sent-Folders" automatically (by e.g. using filter rules).

Expected results:

Currently Thunderbird offers for IMAP folders the setting to delete mails of certain age to save server space. But I'd like to have a setting not to delete the mails, but to seperate the mails e.g. of the Sent-Folder visually from the younger ones on the server and to save them locally in the sent/inbox folder of the Imap account. But in a manner, that the server doesn't see them (deleted--> save space) but only thunderbird manages it to have them in its inbox-folder (slightly highlighted) only on the hard drive.

To explain it easier I have attached a PDF with my idea/concept of it. It looks quite easy to understand and it's absolutely intuitive.

I hope someone of you can give me some feedback and sees a way to implement it somehow somewhen..., as this would be an absolute unique thunderbird feature!

Yours sincerely

W. Missal
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IMAP automatic archiving concept NEW.pdf

There was a small mistake in the former file.

Sorry for the tripple post! I'm new here and was confused, that there wasn't any email confirmation about my bug submitment :-\

Won't happen again.
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