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6 years ago
I'd very much like to see a Gmail style view in TB that retained all of TB's features and tracked those features as they were developed. 

Jonathan Protzenko has done a visually nice extension that partly does this, but has made a number of design choices that make it 
a) slow (I think he's using his own idea of what a thread is, rather than TB's) and 
b) inconsistent with TB. For example it provides Save & Open but not Detach, and doesn't offer the star next to the name. 

It would be great if someone could take the best ideas of the Gmail style threaded view, and implement it in such a way that ALL the rest of TB's features worked as expected.

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6 years ago
See Bug #480228 for a similar but not quite the same request.
I think Thunderbird Conversations is the answer to your request. And yes, Thunderbird Conversations makes some choices that you might not agree with, such as not offering a zillion options in the conversation view. You may feel outraged that there's no detach or delete features for attachments, but I don't plan on implementing them. This is deliberate: I want the conversation view to stay simple and intuitive.

As to the slowness, I'm currently working on improving gloda's performance. You should see some improvements starting with Thunderbird 8.

Finally, the star next to the name might make its way into the conversation view, it's just that I'm not the one who did the original design, and I'm waiting on someone to provide a valid HTML mockup for me to pick.

Thanks for your input!


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Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

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6 years ago
Thanks Jonathan - I'm not questioning your design desicions, it is just that your Conversations extension is just that, the product of your (totally reasonable) design decisions, and as such is not providing the full TB functionality, and experience. 

What I'm hoping can be developed is the conversation functionality WITHIN the TB set of design decisions, i.e. with star, and Detech & Delete and probably a bunch of other missing functions that you, for totally reasonable design reasons to do with simplifying the UI, have decided not to provide access to.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants Conversation like functionality, but has Disabled the extension because it has disabled other functionality that they consider more important.

I also think that it needs integrating into TB so that it doesn't become another orphaned extension (like Enigmail) where the functionality fails to track improvements to TB, and instead becomes a totally normal selection that anyone can make (in a similar way that the listing pane can be switched between Threaded and non-threaded).

I accept the Speed issue can be improved, but doesn't TB already maintain a concept of thread. I would propose that any integrated Conversation mode should be using that concept rather than re-implementing it using a necesarily slow Gloda search function. 

I've switched status back to Re-Opened, this is NOT reporting a bug with your Conversations Add-On, its reporting an enhancement request to TB.
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
(In reply to Mitra Ardron from comment #3)
> I've switched status back to Re-Opened, this is NOT reporting a bug with
> your Conversations Add-On, its reporting an enhancement request to TB.

Then I'm pretty sure this is a duplicate.

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6 years ago
The closest I could find was Bug #480228 which is reporting a bug (with Sent messages) in the confusingly named "Conversations" view.

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6 years ago
Since Conversations is more-or-less an official add-on, I don't think it makes sense to go through the (significant!) effort of reimplementing it in a different way in Thunderbird core. While there are certainly some features available in Thunderbird that aren't available in Conversations, that's something that should be addressed with Conversations.

That said, as we start getting Test Pilot studies up and running, we'll have a better idea of what features are used in Thunderbird, and perhaps Conversations can take advantage of this and add support for some of the more popular features (e.g. detach).

I'm WONTFIXing this bug again not because this is something we'd never accept in Thunderbird, but because it's something we wouldn't accept in the proposed way: we're not going to do an end-run around Conversations to implement the various features that Conversations lacks. If we did decide to implement a Gmail conversations-like view in Thunderbird, it would probably start life as an add-on anyway, and Conversations already fits that role.

Having only limited experience with the Conversations code, I'm not sure if it's possible to extend Conversations via another add-on to include the features you like, but that may be one possible avenue. It certainly has precedent, since there are add-ons available that depend on Lightning being installed.
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Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

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6 years ago
Jim - I guess that's my point, there is a big difference between a semi-official add-on and Jonathan's add-on.   

Jonathan has made a totally reasonable set of design decisions, but those include deciding to exclude certain crucial TB features.  That's fine (and good) if its Jonathan's idea of how a great mail client looks (same goes for the Eudora-like add-on). 

On the other hand ... its not fine, if its a semi-official add-on, that is the ONLY way people get to thread conversations in a view.
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