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Sometimes, loading gives you Finnish content with 404 HTTP code


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1. Load
2. Sometimes, you'll get the Finnish page (wtf?)

Here are some headers:

[22:29:38.326] GET [undefined 38ms]
[22:29:38.377] GET [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 136ms]
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Seems like a trailing / is causing this: (sic) seems to trigger it consistently.
Nope, that's not it. "consistently" as in, for a few minutes, until everything went back to the expected behavior again.
Summary: Sometimes, loading takes you to the Finnish site → Sometimes, loading gives you Finnish content with 404 HTTP code
Duplicate of this bug: 681878
The same issue is happening sometimes on a PC in our office in Tokyo, Japan. ->
Kohei: Are you sure you are redirected to this URL ? What we've seen so far is Finnish content on without redirect and with a 404 return code.
So our issue might be different. Will file a new bug...
Um, our issue is the same. My comment 7 was wrong. Now I can confirm shows the Finnish content with 404. Sorry for confusing.
i'm seeing this too (in australia); following a link redirected me to however the content was finnish.  refreshing the finnish page redirects me to
We've seen reports from people on IE and iPhone. So I think we can rule out the issue coming from the User-Agent.

My next idea is some code reads the path (/firefox), trims it to two letters which gives finnish content. It is just a hunch and I can't find the code that does that and that wouldn't explain the transient issue.
Duplicate of this bug: 681886
Duplicate of this bug: 681885
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That's what I consistently get on the iPhone.
Duplicate of this bug: 681892
Getting the intermittent Finnish+404 problem as well (from the MV WiFi, both on and off MPT VPN).

The X-Backend-Server does not seem to affect things.
Also, trailing slash or not does not seem to make a difference.

Behavior seems to be consistent for duration of keepalive connection (I always get right/wrong page several times in a row).

Outsider's wild crystal ball guess:
We are using RewriteMap (got that from James Long's webdev blog post), and that has a randomize feature --> possibly new source for non-determinism. If there are only some stale caches or misconfigured webheads left, those might be hit intermittently.
I can confirm that it happens for too. I'm in the UK. Strangely only happens in Firefox and Safari, not in Chrome. Just reloading in Safari fixes it as that puts you on the /en-US/... path.
Have done a lot of digging on this.

The issue only seems to appear to when using "Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate". gzip alone, or "gzip, deflates", or no Accept-Encoding works properly.

I believe this is a side-effect, however, of a deeper problem. I think what's happening is that someone, somehow generates a request that causes the servers to return a 404 instead of a 302. Zeus caches this 404 for ~30 seconds or so, causing this problem. However, if a 302 gets cached, that lasts for 10 minutes. So it's inconsistent.

"gzip, deflate" is by far the most common setting. The servers (and Zeus) return a "Vary: Content-Encoding" header, causing different versions to be cached based on the value of Content-Encoding. This is why the encoding is a side-effect... only "gzip, deflate" is affected, because whatever is triggering the problem uses that header, so the cache for that is the only one that gets messed up... or at least, the only one that gets messed up often enough that it ever fails.

At this point my guess is that something in the logic which determines what page you're supposed to land on is faulty. should redirect to either or I think something is causing it to spit out a 404 instead.

I think we have a separate bug causing the 404 page to misinterpret the first 2 characters of '/firefox' as a locale, and spit back the Finnish 404 page.

Here is a sample of some access_log entries that throw the 404:

At a glance, I see Firefox 6, IE6, IE8, IE9, Firefox/1.0.7 (!), Firefox/1.5 (!), AppleWebKit/535.1, Firefox/3.6.18.

It's easy to generate such a list... just grep for 'GET /firefox/ ' and ' 404 '. :)
Also... I can confirm this is not being caused by just one web server... I see the 404's in the access_logs on multiple frontends.
I have reduced the Zeus setting 'webcache!errorpage_time' to 1 second. This will cause Zeus to only cache error pages (such as 404's) for 1 second, instead of 30. Effectively, the problem should now be 1/30th as prevalent as it was a few minutes ago.

This is *NOT* a fix... just a stopgap to make this have a smaller effect on things. We still need to find and fix the cause of this, and then ideally re-set this value back to the default of 30 seconds.
Thanks Jake. Please keep us posted on further developments, as this is one of the big remaining things from the merge to fix. Definitely an odd problem!
should be fixed in r94321
pushed to production r94323.

This should be fixed now. The way to reproduce is to hit the URL with an Accept Language header of fi-FI.

curl -v -H 'Accept-Language: fi-FI'
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tried  fr, de, en-US and they all work  on production -- > -->
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For posterity, this bug was already there before the merge but we never found out about it because most users would go from to{locale}/firefox (or variants of this).
Thanks guys! Definitely an interesting problem to dig up and fix...
Verified FIXED -- checked on my iPhone, too.
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