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Remove build/hcc and build/hcpp


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From a quick look in MXR it appears that Unixware depends on this workaround. Are we ok with dropping support for that platform?
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If UnixWare really relies on this then yes, it's fine to drop support. (I'd bet that's probably an ancient workaround anyway.)

@@ +946,5 @@
>  esac
>  dnl Test breaks icc on OS/2 && MSVC
>  if test "$CC" != "icc" -a -z "$_WIN32_MSVC"; then
>      AC_PROG_CC_C_O

Just remove this whole block. It's not worth testing for compilers that can't support -c -o at all.
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Maybe one day I'll actually remember to change js/src before burning the tree.
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bustage fix

Yeah well I could have spotted it or built locally before pushing too!

I don't know if you have a build environment set up already, but if you could build locally as a quick sanity check, it will make things quicker when I check patches in. Thanks :-)
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