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Port |Bug 656492 - Rename "Sync Key" to "Recovery Key"| and |Bug 681402 - Manage Accounts menu has My Sync Key|


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Bug 656492 (target: mozilla9) changed the term "Sync Key" to "Recovery Key". This change has propagated to the documentation on SUMO, and one of the changed strings is in shared code (services/sync/locales/en-US/ so we're partly broken until we follow.

Bug 681402 (target: mozilla9) was their follow-up for Preferences. I merged the porting action into this one.

I also checked bug 681519 and found that this doesn't contain anything we need to do now, but only after/in bug 684537 which Callek is working on (but which won't make the Aurora uplift anymore, so I'll let it depend on this one since it'll require an updated patch then).

The original changesets were:

IanN: We'll need a fast review here with the Aurora uplift only two days away. If your time is limited, please pass on the review request accordingly. Thanks!

Callek: This bug has l10n impact. I set the tracking-sm-2.6 flag. If I can do more to make it pop up on radars, let me know.

* one change is missing from changeset 858c7fa7af70: syncGenericChange.xul (existingSyncKey -> existingRecoveryKey). This one needs to be done in bug 684537 or a follow-up.
* sync[kK]ey* left:
- syncKeyBackup
- anything in syncKey.xhtml (actually saved under different name)
- change.synckey.introText* (will be dealt with in bug 684537)
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Just for reference, if IanN cannot get to this by our aurora uplift, I want this bad enough that I'll rs+ a "new string only" patch landing in central just before the uplift.

Which means we can land the final patch (without l10n changes) on aurora. But would mean we would need a new patch for central, that removes the other l10n strings entirely (and is a bad experience for l10n, as it is more strings to translate, so I would _really_ rather get review in time)
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I notice we don't have a localisation note for change.recoverykey.warningText in is that something we need?
r=me either way
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(In reply to Ian Neal from comment #2)
> I notice we don't have a localisation note for
> change.recoverykey.warningText in is that
> something we need?

No, since we have this nice little one at the top: :-)

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (whole file) "Sync" should match &syncBrand.shortName.label; from syncBrand.dtd
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No longer blocks: sync2sm
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