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[Tracking] (Remaining) Sync changes to port to Suite


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This bug will be used as a tracker for any *current* Sync patches/bugs that need to be ported to SeaMonkey.

Bugs should be removed from this tracker when they are fixed in our code, and added to deps when they are checked into mozilla-*. All work should be done on new bugs.

I am attaching the output from an hg log from mozilla-central. So many of these bugs will have been ported/handled already, but this should be a good start to get things figured out.

Actual command |(find browser/ -regex .*sync.* -print && hg log -v `find browser/ -regex .*sync.* -print`) > synclog.txt|

Marking r? to Jens so we can get this list triaged and bugs on file.
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Alias: sync2sm
OS: Windows 7 → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
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The attached list is much shorter and likely contains between very few and no false positives. Not all that are listed there actually need to be ported, though. This is just an intermediate result. Please only add bugs as dependencies (or comments) that really need to be ported. If in doubt, ask.
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Attachment #560761 - Flags: review?(jh)
Bug 656492 changed "Sync Key" to "Recovery Key", which is already reflected on SUMO (where several links from Sync UI point to), so we should follow suit. Bug 681519 is a bug fix on top of that.

Bug 660684 is still closed so I cannot add it as a dependency or see what it's actually about, but looking at the corresponding m-c changeset 89822eff0816 I'd say we should also add that line.

Bug 600429 is a false positive, we already ported it in bug 668993.

That's all for now, time to get some sleep. Feel free to add more dep bugs from the list (with reasoning, please) or replace the existing ones with port bugs.
Depends on: 656492, 681519
Depends on: 688281
No longer depends on: 688281
Depends on: 689018
No longer depends on: 656492
Depends on: 684537
No longer depends on: 689018
Depends on: 688520
Depends on: 689428
Depends on: 690532, 690616, 689311, 675823, 678586
FTR: We don't need to port bug 690414 since we got it right from the start. :-)
Depends on: 694144
No longer depends on: 689428, 690532
Depends on: 652483
Depends on: 564560
Depends on: 695523
No longer depends on: 564560
Depends on: 696633
No longer depends on: 678586
Depends on: 675822
No longer depends on: 694144, 696633
No longer depends on: 684537
No longer depends on: 695523
Sync 1.1 is gone and 1.5 needs a complete new implementation in Bug 1022319. I think we can close this one and if a Meta is needed open a new one. If you don't agree please reopen.
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