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Implement downloadable device blacklisting for Android


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We currently implement a only hard-coded device blacklist in GfxInfo. We should add support for a downloadable blacklist.
Depends on: 668004
Depends on: 704710
No longer depends on: 704710
Depends on: 704710
Assignee: nobody → dsherk
Setting reviewer to bjacob for now, talking with joe to see if he can review it instead.

This enables the downloadable blacklist on Android devices. It was already enabled, but wasn't being processed. Note that this depends on the patch in bug 704710.

Also, this shouldn't be landed yet. We still have to deal with the issues reported in bug 700124 first.
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Attachment #576656 - Flags: review?(bjacob) → review?(joe)
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Please review again, there were some changes made to support using Android SDK versions as the driver version field.
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Patch v1.1, enable downloadable blacklist on Android devices.

Review of attachment 577861 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: widget/src/android/GfxInfo.cpp
@@ +104,5 @@
> +    mAdapterDescription.Append(NS_LITERAL_STRING("', Manufacturer: '"));
> +    if (mozilla::AndroidBridge::Bridge()->GetStaticStringField("android/os/Build", "MANUFACTURER", str))
> +      mAdapterDescription.Append(str);
> +    mAdapterDescription.Append(NS_LITERAL_STRING("', Hardware: '"));
> +    PRInt32 version; // the HARDWARE field isn't available on Android SDK < 8

Maybe insert a blank line here.

@@ -297,5 @@
> -  // For now, we don't implement the downloaded blacklist.
> -  if (aDriverInfo.Length()) {
> -    *aStatus = nsIGfxInfo::FEATURE_NO_INFO;
> -    return NS_OK;
> -  }

Be sure that we don't return any built-in blocklist items (eg hard-coded in widget/src/android/GfxInfo.cpp) if aDriverInfo has any items in it. This makes sure we don't set our blacklist prefs on a downloaded blocklist ping unless they actually apply to us.
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Blocks: 706702
Addressed code review, +r carried.
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Attachment #578491 - Flags: review+
Refactored crash report annotation to happen after Init because with changes in "enable downloadable blacklist on Android devices", all device info is cached on Init.
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Patch v1.0, fix crash reporter on Android.

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Rebased/unbitrotted, +r carried.
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Closed: 8 years ago
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Depends on: 1006307
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