Infobar disappears when node fills top and bottom of screen during page zoom in highlighter

RESOLVED FIXED in Firefox 12


8 years ago
Last year


(Reporter: rcampbell, Assigned: paul)


Firefox 12
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1. Open Highlighter
2. Select a large node on the screen.
3. Hit ctrl/cmd-+ several times so the node reaches both top and bottom of the window

Expected results:

Infobar should move to the top of the available window space inside the node.


Infobar disappears offscreen.
Assignee: nobody → paul
I can't reproduce. Can you give me an example?
That might be fixed once bug 690068 get fixed.
Blocks: 663830
I can reproduce this with a bugzilla body element, but only zooming out, not zooming in.
Ditto, replace Cmd-+ in C#0 with Cmd-- and you can see this bug in action.

Dave suggested the reason might be that we're doing our bounds checking in the pre-scaled coordinate space.
Bug 690068 hasn't fixed this problem.
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Priority: -- → P2
Posted patch patch v1Splinter Review
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patch v1

       case "resize":
+        this.getZoomFactor(true);

are there any other cases where you'll want to send true to getZoomFactor?

Without that, we could do away with the cached value (this._zoom) and just call the lookup directly. It should be pretty fast and we'd be able to use a real getter.

I don't feel strongly about it though and this looks like it'll do the job nicely, so...
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Posted patch patch v1.1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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patch v1.1

you can probably reuse the test in browser_inspector_highlighter.js which already does some zoom calculation. Making it call your computeZoomFactor method will get it tested.

r+ with changes to the test to make that happen.
Attachment #582830 - Flags: review?(rcampbell) → review+
Posted patch patch v1.2Splinter Review
with test
Attachment #582830 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Thx for the r+. Updated the test as you asked.
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-    let rect = this._highlightRect;
-    if (rect && this._highlighting) {
+    if (this._highlightRect) {
       let winHeight = * this.zoom;
       let winWidth = * this.zoom;
+      let rect = {top:,
+                  left: this._highlightRect.left,
+                  width: this._highlightRect.width,
+                  height: this._highlightRect.height};

this didn't apply cleanly. Wondering if you had some other patch installed previously, as the let winHeight = … and winWidth lines were not there.

Added them.
ignore the above. wrong bug. :/
and now I see why the above happened. :)
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Backed out because of orange
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 12
This was not the cause of the orange.
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Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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Product: Firefox → DevTools
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