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Use doorhangers for Password Manager


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Baseline password/login manager landed using the prompt system. We need to add support for using doorhangers next.
Priority: -- → P2
Attached patch WIP 1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch makes the basic changes to LoginManagerPrompter.js to support using the new NativeWindow.doorhanger API.

The main thing yet to add is the concept of a "timeout" or "persistence" to a doorhanger. Normally, we remove doorhangers on pageload, but with password doorhangers, a page load is expected (to the login OK or invalid page) so we shouldn't dismiss the doorhanger right a way.

Will add that support to Doorhanger next.
Depends on: 700913
Attached patch patchSplinter Review
This patch converts the Fennec LoginManagerPrompter.js from using "notificationbox" API to use "doorhanger" API. I tried to change as little code as possible. We just work to get the NativeWindow object instead of the notifyBox.

I use the new persistence and timeout doorhanger features to mimic the same behavior in Fennec as found on desktop.

(I was having a problem while testing this patch. The doorhanger didn't want to dismiss after tapping a button. Updating my source tree to get the latest patches fixed that issue.)
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We should probably update all the comments that talk about showing notification bars, since we don't do that anymore.
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I updated some of the "notification bar" comments to "notification doorhanger", but left the function names as is
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Device: HTC Desire Z
OS: Android 2.3

Door hangers are used for password manager.
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Keywords: feature
Depends on: 718705
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