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Be smarter about removing & from prompt labels


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When I was writing the prompt service I saw some of our common prompts included & in the button labels to designate access keys. I took a rather hasty approach and just yanked all "&" symbols from the string, but our prompt service already had a smarter regex/algroythm. 

We should keep using it to format the labels and just throw out the accesskeys for now.
mfinkle pointed out on IRC, also need to catch strings at:
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Still testing this
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This works here. I set to calculate 1000 results. The checkbox label should then have its "&" removed.

I'm not removing these from Titles and Messages. Messages likely come from web content and don't expect this. I don't know that title support it either? Context menu list items might need clean up, but I think we control those fairly tightly, and we use the same code path for Select elements, which would be filled in by sites.
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Adding the check to getLocaleString seems safe enough from looking at how it is used. I think we need to add a call to cleanupLabel for user-supplied button strings:

Since we do it in XUL too:

r+ with that addition
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Needed to help avoid bad strings in the native UI dialogs. Some internal strings can cause the extra "&" but add-ons can too.
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Approved for aurora. Mobile bug.
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