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Power/Network SeaMonkey iX machines in SCL2


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These will need to get the releng win32 image (probably in a rack in mtv1), and then be transported to scl2 and racked permanently in the community network.

As mentioned in bug 572395, these will need to be "officially" transferred to seamonkey.  I'm not sure what that means.
From, this is:


Releng will need a separate bug to remove these from slavealloc, etc.
Dustin, will these need hardcoded IPs for scl2 (and what should their hostnames be, for setting up DNS)?
colo-trip: --- → mtv1
I don't know what the IP situation is.

Callek, can you weigh in on preferred hostnames?
Unless anyone has a better suggestion:

Ah, I missed that we also sent out for repair and got it back.  Since that one also lived in mtv, we'll send linux64-ix-slave16 back to scl1 and keep w32-ix-slave12 for seamonkey instead.
(In reply to Justin Wood (:Callek) from comment #4)
> Unless anyone has a better suggestion:
> cb-sea-ix-win32-{01-..}


Is actually better if its reasonable. (NetBIOS on windows has a 15 char limit, and changing the computer name to something larger complains, heavily. Even if we disable NetBIOS -- will need to do a downtime for other win machines to change DNS in the future)
sea-win32-ix-xx is the best solution for these. Per how Ravi likes hostnames we shouldn't buffer these with 0's so they should be ordered as; sea-win32-ix-1, sea-win32-ix-2, sea-win32-ix-3 and so on.
unless there should be a 0 padding. Dustin and Arr can you verify please.
Convention dictates no zero (0) padding for serialized hosts, but I will defer to Relops for what is standard within this environment (which is permitted to have variants to the standard).
I'm fine with 0's or no 0's.  Callek, feel free to chime in, since naming the hosts is not blocking us at the moment.
(In reply to Dustin J. Mitchell [:dustin] from comment #10)
> I'm fine with 0's or no 0's.  Callek, feel free to chime in, since naming
> the hosts is not blocking us at the moment.

given current convention with releng I'm happier with 0 padding here, but given our (SeaMonkey) total hostname count, I don't expect to need that padding bit for any machines anytime soon, so I'll let you guys choose :-)
2 of the 4 iX machines need to get the memory and heatsink upgrade/replacement. I sent an email to iX to get this done before I go ahead and move these machines to SCL2.  

Also we will go with the 0 padding as it will keep it in the standard scheme of things.
I have restored the image to two of the machines and will continue this tomorrow. Hopefully I will hear from iX by then about the memory and heatsink upgrades by then and I can get these installed at SCL2 by Wednesday.
The images for RelEng build machines contain data that should be removed before being made available to SeaMonkey. Please let us know when and how we can access these machines to do that, or we can work out a protocol for RelOps to if it's more convenient.
I will power these machines up and get you the IP's so you may clean them before deployment.
1 of the four machines shuts off when trying to boot the OS contacted iX about this. The other three are up and waiting for releng to clean them.
OPSI key changed and logs cleaned up (there's an error about win2003 not being supported when I try to run deactivate_preloginloader), ssh keys and bash history removed, buildbot autostart removed from start menu, on the three machines that are imaged.
got the passwords all changed and these machines are ready to go to SCL2 now.
colo-trip: mtv1 → scl2
Machines are at SCL2 now. Waiting for Erica to direct where to rack/power/network them.
Summary: image seamonkey ix systems with win32 and install in scl2 → Power/Network SeaMonkey iX machines in SCL2
Sent one of these machines to iX for repair. As soon as I get the machine back from them I will get it installed at SCL2.
Closing this bug as has been made and SCL2 will not be used.
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