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7 years ago
The Clang Static Analyzer has analyzers for Core Foundation semantics. I've put all of mozilla-central through the static analyzer and it reported a number of potential memory leaks and issues related to graphics.

I'm not an expert on the OS X APIs and I haven't really looked at the reports in detail. There are likely some false positives. I just thought I'd assemble them all in one location where they can be tracked effectively. 





[widget] contains details of all static analysis results.
Depends on: 711352
Depends on: 711355
Depends on: 711357
Blocks: 712350
The dependencies are fixed. Is this bug?
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Overall, I don't know. According to comment 1, I looked through the thebes reports (and filed and fixed bugs on the errors it found), but there's no indication that anyone looked into the issues reported elsewhere in gfx.

On the other hand, that was 4 1/2 years ago, so there's a good chance things have changed in the meantime anyway. Perhaps the most useful thing would be to re-run the analysis on current code, and update this bug with a fresh report (or close it, if the problems are gone).
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3 years ago
I haven't run the Clang static analysis build in ages. But IIRC sylvestre runs these periodically and may have data to share!
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Yes, I am running scan-build every day:

I think we can close it and use bug 712350 for followup changes.
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