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Rewrite browser_tabview_bug597980.js to be more fresh and modern, and less leaky


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Clear back in bug 653080 comment 4 we started pointing the finger at browser_tabview_bug597980.js, but then it took us another 700 instances (many of which may well have been other things) to actually consider whether that might be it. is my control push, just the tip of mozilla-central, which got four leaks out of twenty runs on Linux64, and one leak out of twenty runs on OS X64. is my experiment, disabling browser_tabview_bug597980.js, which got zero leaks out of twenty one runs on Linux64, and zero leaks out of twenty one runs on OS X64.

Dunno what it is about the test that leaks the world (though, since I'm suspicious of any use of setTimeout, ever, with good reason, I'm suspicious of the double use here), but please make it stop. In the meantime, I'm disabling it with ttaubert's okay.
Whiteboard: [MemShrink]
Whiteboard: [MemShrink]
We removed the MemShrink tag on the assumption that this is a problem with the test, and not the test exposing a problem with the browser.
Not sure why exactly the test was leaking, but besides just rewriting we need to at least remove these arbitrary setTimeout() calls and make sure to use waitForFocus() before using EventUtils methods.
Let's not spend time on this.
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