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Traverse nsXBLDocumentInfo less often


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Keep similar behavior to rest of DOM to traverse script objects,
but don't traverse anything else.
If mDocument is in generation, so is then nsXBLDocumentInfo
(owned by xul cache).
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Is there some specific reason you are concerned about moving around script traversal or are you just being safe?

The code looks fine to me, but I don't know anything about nsXBLDocumentInfo, so you should get somebody else to confirm that mDocument always holds the nsXBLDocumentInfo alive.
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I talked to jst about this a little, and he said that these objects aren't guaranteed to be in the XUL cache.  Or rather, they are in the browser as is, but somebody could configure non-browser usage (or something like that?) so they wouldn't be.
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Summary: Traverse XBL even less → Traverse nsXBLDocumentInfo less often
The objects are in XUL cache if they are in CC generation. This relies on the behavior
Ah, yes, that makes sense.
Is that true even for non-chrome XBL documents? I.e. if a user explicitly enables remote XBL for a given site?
If those aren't in XUL cache, document's aren't marked to be in CC generation.
...see the patch for bug 713865.
Good point.
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