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Allow search for frames in Java stacks


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Field from bug 701390 will need to be able to be searched for crash signatures such as java.lang.NullPointerException, java.lang.RuntimeException (bug 694566, bug 711495 ), java.lang.IllegalStateException (bug 713580).
Not sure what you are requesting here. We already know that we need to redefine how Java signatures are generated once this is implemented. Lars has asked for clear rules in the client-side bug for this.
It has to be a searchable field within Socorro in the advanced search at the very least.
OK, then it's something we need to take care that gets available with ES. I don't think search will be able to have it before that.

However, I think a redefinition of how we generate signatures for Java (once we have that additional field - all that is to be done in bug 701002, lars has asked questions for that, let's wait on replies before jumping the gun here) will end up having all those three cases from comment #0 to be the actual signature (or part of it) there.
Summary: Please allow for the signature from bug 701390 → Allow search for frames in Java stacks
Whiteboard: [search]
Depends on: 656297
Depends on: 678101
Where is that Java stack stored? Is it a field in the processed JSON? A field in the raw JSON? Part of another field?
Ah, I can see a "java_stack_trace" field in the processed JSON, I guess that answers my question. :)
(In reply to Adrian Gaudebert [:adrian] from comment #5)
> Ah, I can see a "java_stack_trace" field in the processed JSON

That should be it, yes. It might even be part of the raw JSON as well.
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