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Catlee and I were talking some time ago about what it would take to get us on *one* version of python across the entire build/test infrastructure.  This will make it easier to write code for our automation harnesses, for mozbase, and for deploying our changes into production.  It will also make it easier when we want to finally upgrade to python 3 - bug 636155.

Currently we have:
* talos on python 2.4
* tests on python 2.5
* builds on python 2.7.1
* buildbot on python 2.5 (not sure if this is a requirement for this bug, I'm mostly concerned about the things buildbot runs, i.e. builds and tests. Releng folks, what do you think?).

I think the first steps to get there are to upgrade everything to 2.7.x.  And to do that, we need to call out all the dependencies we have to make something like that happen.  So this bug is dependency central, please mark them here.

I searched, but couldn't find the "websockets can't upgrade to 2.7 without a lot of work" bug.  I've been told that was one blocker we had, but I couldn't find it.  If someone has a bug, please add it.
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I was just looking into something for bug 643692 and noticed that we're not running Python 2.7 on Windows Builders at all, only 2.5.
And from the errors I get, we're also running Python 2.5 on the Linux builders (see the alder tbpl page, especially if you go back a few days to before I added the __future__ patch to get 'with' in 2.5).  Mac builders seem to be at 2.6 or above.
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I did some probing into the build slaves and realized we're on a combination of 2.5, 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 for Windows (2003 Server?) / Mac Leopard / Linux.

Mac Snow Leopard is on 2.6.4. (I mean the Mac Snow Leopard build slaves)

It would be really nice to get us all on Python 2.7.x soon. Python 2.7.3 is coming out soon, too, 2.7.3 RC 1 was released on Feb 23, 2012.
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