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Unable to use mousewheel on Mac


(Core :: XUL, enhancement, P2)

Mac System 8.6





(Reporter: malicki.1, Assigned: mikepinkerton)



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The mousewheel doesn't work..... perhaps frames/windows could be implemented using a scrolled_window to get gtk+ native support, or code it in somehow....
Target Milestone: M10
Moving all Widget Set bugs, past and present, to new HTML Form Controls
component per request from karnaze.  Widget Set component will be retired
Component: HTML Form Controls → XP Toolkit/Widgets
moving to XP Toolkit/Widgets since these are not HTML form controls
Severity: normal → enhancement
Target Milestone: M10 → M13
Priority: P3 → P4
Summary: mousewheel don't work! → [PP] mousewheel doesn't work!
Whiteboard: HELP WANTED: Brian Albers <> wants to help on this one
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Priority: P4 → P3
Summary: [PP] mousewheel doesn't work! → mousewheel doesn't work!
For now you can just use imwheel <>
with the following line in .imwheelrc

Alt_L,          Down,   Right,                          10,     1000,   1000
Alt_L,          Up,     Left,                           10,     1000,

I think part of the problem is that GTK tries to catch the mouse4/5 events, so
they work on GTK scrollbars etc, but not in the main frame
QA Contact: phillip → gerardok
Mousewheel is also not working in Win98 & WinNT

(also, reassigning QA to gerardok since phillip is no longer here)
mass-moving all m13 bugs to m14
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changing platforms to all
changing platforms to all
Summary: mousewheel doesn't work! → [DOGFOOD] Unable to scroll with mouse wheels
i'm not sure that this is dogfood, but should be done for beta.  Someone on the
outside is doing this and is pretty far along.
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Whiteboard: HELP WANTED: Brian Albers <> wants to help on this one → [PDT-]HELP WANTED: Brian Albers <> wants to help on this one
Putting on PDT- radar.   Not needed for dogfood.
Assignee: pavlov → bryner
I have some code done for supporting mousewheel scrolling on unix.  I'm in the
process of getting it reviewed, hopefully I can check it in soon.  Once that's
done, adding the necessary code for mac and windows should be pretty trivial.
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Just giving a status update here... I've now checked in the code that should
enable mouse wheel scrolling on unix.  The windows code will be done Real Soon
Now (just needs a little more testing).  I'm clueless on the Mac code though,
any volunteers?
Blocks: 16063
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Summary: [DOGFOOD] Unable to scroll with mouse wheels → [PP][DOGFOOD] Unable to scroll with mouse wheels
OS: All → Mac System 8.6
Hardware: All → Macintosh
Target Milestone: M12 → M13
This is now a Mac-only bug.  There's a decent chance the Mac mousewheel support
won't be done for M12, moving to M13, and cc'ing sdagley.
On the Mac front I've sent e-mail to Alessandro Montalcini who wrote USB
Overdrive which provides support for wheel mice on the Mac.  Will comment more
once I hear back from him.
Target Milestone: M13 → M20
On advice of sdagley, pushing this bug way out.  We won't really be able to do
anything about Mac until Apple has defined a standard for mousewheel devices.
Priority: P3 → P4
i have an a4tech www9 mouse w/ mouse wheel, which uses their own driver dual
mouse wheel 5.41, under windows 98 and mozilla m12, and the wheel works in
regular windows programs but mozilla ignores it completely.
Would you mind filing a separate bug for that?  This bug is for tracking Mac
mousewheel progress.

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Keywords: pp
reassigning qa contact to janc, who now works with the mouse wheel.
QA Contact: gerardok → janc
Do we still consider this to be Dogfood/PDT- for Mac?
Since there is easy solution for Mac (i.e. there is no standard for mouse wheels 
to generate scroll events) I'd say the [DOGFOOD] tag should go
Removing DOGFOOD tag.  I don't know about the [PDT-] stuff.

Summary: [PP][DOGFOOD] Unable to scroll with mouse wheels → [PP] Unable to scroll with mouse wheels
Summary: [PP] Unable to scroll with mouse wheels → Unable to scroll with mouse wheels
Whiteboard: [PDT-]HELP WANTED: Brian Albers <> wants to help on this one → [PDT-]
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I think it's rather important- it's a major part of my movement on pages.
Roger Doran are you referring to wheel scrolling on Mac or in general? 
This bug is specifically on the Mac implementation (now).  Changing summary to
reflect that.
Summary: Unable to scroll with mouse wheels → Unable to use mousewheel on Mac
Target Milestone: M20 → M30
Since the reason this hasn't been fixed on the Mac hasn't been addressed in 
detail yet, I thought I'd chime in with the results of my own investigation.
As was already stated, the Mac doesn't have any event for handling mouse wheels. 
So how does it work in other apps? 
The Microsoft Intellipoint mouse on the Mac seems to work through a hack which 
fakes mouse clicks. Basically, when you turn the wheel, it searches through the 
current apps to find a native scrollbar. If it does, it locates the scroll buton 
on the scrollbar, creates a fake mouse click event, and sends it to the 
scrollbar button. That's why you see the scroll button activating while you 
Initially I thought I might be able to hack this into mozilla by creating a 
phantom native scrollbar that isn't rendered along with the rendered one. 
Unfortunately, that would only work if the scrollbar buttons in the rendered 
bars map to the exact same locations as the native ones, which we couldn't rely 
on. If they didn't match the faked mouse click would go to the wrong place.
Anyone else have any ideas? Does MacOS X actually add a decent eve
Moving to Future, adding helpwanted keyword.
Keywords: helpwanted
Target Milestone: M30 → Future
*SPAM* - adding mostfreq keyword to bugs with loads of DUPEs. Please aid this 
effort by adding this keyword to any bugs with more than 15 DUPEs.

Keywords: mostfreq
Moving all my bugs to this email.
Assignee: bryner → bryner
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The obvious (but non-trivial) standard way to fix this is bringing back the native scrollbars 
(bug 35996). Why is this an enhancement? This is serious loss of functionality for mouse 
wheel users.
Apple has released a new version of the Game Sprockets. This new version allegedly 
supports mouse wheel mice. Using the Game Sprockets might be worth investigating.

(Mouse wheel support is not an enhancement. As far as the user is concerned, the lack of 
it is an annoying bug. Setting severity.)
Severity: enhancement → normal
cc'ing beard, who I had talked to about this previously.  Could we use the game
sprockets for mousewheel on mac?
cc'ing more people
When you don't have a feature, a bug saying that you should add it is an
enhancement request, regardless of whether any given user would expect the
feature, or regard its absence as a defect. 
Severity: normal → enhancement
Bug #9412 asks to remove the enhancement concept from the severity field, for
those interested.
My $0.00000002 million:

This seems to be a *bug* with our little windowing/theme scheme.  Scrolling works 
in all other Mac applications (with a few notable exception, Apple's own Sherlock 
II, for example) and it also works in our own software with our funky windows 
turned off (except that workaround brings out other scroll-type issues).

Honestly though, also as part of my rant here, I can't see myself using a web 
browser that doesn't work with my scrolling mouse.  I use Sherlock once in a blue 
moon, but honestly can't see anyone else with a scrolling mouse sticking with N6 
if they can use IE5 or even 4.x.  Surfing and scrolling without having to go back 
to the scroll bars are a fairly important part of my "surfing experience:)."

Also, janc-if you feel like pawning this bug off on me I'd volunteer since I have 
the Mac and scroll mouse and the Win NT/98 issues are solved.
lorca, set your driver to send arrow up and down on scroll wheel events. Works 
for me.

A more graceful solution isn't easy, I've tried. The scroll mouse is a hack on 
macos as it looks for a native scroll control and sends events to it directly. 
Yuck. Not much we can do about it without using native scrollbars, and that won't 
happen for 6.0.
Nominating for Mozilla 1.0.
Keywords: mozilla1.0
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Target Milestone: Future → mozilla1.0
Ambitiously targetting for Mozilla 1.0, even though I have no idea how we're
going to do this.
from all comments i've been reading for the past two days on public sites, the 
topic of this bug seems to be the most recurring reason that NS6 has failed in 
mac user's minds. understandably so since the majority of user time is spent 
scrolling web pages; scrollwheel mice are undeniably ubiquitous even on the 
mac.  consider that most everybody who's bought a mac has replaced the hockey 
puck mouse, and they probably replaced it with a scrollwheel 2 button model. 
If we want to get this fixed, and get it fixed soon, this bug needs to go to a
Mac person.  I'm the wrong owner, I don't develop on Mac nor know enough to
implement it.
if _this_ is the reason ns6 failed on mac, I'm happy.

There seems to be two ways to fix it:
- move to the carbn event model
- use native scrollbars

The latter is a worst-case option in the eyes of xpToolkit since we'd have to
support two totally different scrolling code paths (so keep that in mind before
you say it's the obvious choice -- else you might find you own all that code!)
Assignee: bryner → pinkerton
I spoke to the author of a scrollwheel mouse driver for the Mac last night, and 
learned about how they work.

The mouse drivers work by building a model of the list of scrollbar controls in 
each window, and trying to figure out which parts of the window they govern by 
looking at changes in port origin associated with control drawing, moving, or 
sizing. The control has to be a scroll bar, has to be visible, and has to have 
"sensible" min and max values. Once the driver has figured out the best control 
given the mouse position, it then simulates a mouse click on the up or down 

We figured that it might be possible to get scrollwheel support on Mac by 
creating a fake scrollbar control that does not draw, and 'shadows' the GFX 
oooh. i smell an owner. ;)
Assignee: pinkerton → sfraser
ok, i have the code to make this work. It rocks. I'll try to land it tomorrow
with some reviews.

Taking it back.
Assignee: sfraser → pinkerton
Priority: P4 → P2
Target Milestone: mozilla1.0 → mozilla0.9
It's the same with NS 6. Hard to believe...
The following comment is from John Groseclose at

The scroll wheel on a Logitech MouseMan doesn't work within Netscape 6.
Keywords: nsmac2
pinkerton - did this land? People where celebrating on IRC...

The following comment is from Scott Turner on 11/15/2000 at

I have found that Netscape 6 ignores the scroll wheel operation of the
Kingsenton MouseWorks mouse.

The following comment is from Jason Alcock on 11/15/2000 at

Doesn't recognize the scroll wheel on my MS Intellimouse Explorer. 
The following comments are from

from Josh Goldberg on 11/15/2000:
The scroll wheel on my Intellimouse Explorer does not work.

from jeremy Reichman on 11/16/2000:
the scrolling wheel on my Logitech 3 button mouse (MouseWare 3.1 drivers, which
have worked better for me than the 3.5x versions) doesn't function for scrolling

from NikoMills on 11/16/2000:
I too have noticed problems with Netscape 6's ... apparent lack of support for
Logitech or Microsoft/HP wheelmice.

All of the comments here are intelligent and analytical. Fine. Bottom line...NS
6 and Mozilla are both lousy browseres. I guess Mozilla is a challenge for those
who have the time, but NS 6 is a joke. And why hasn't Netscape addressed the
scroll wheel problem? What browser doesn't support a scroll wheel, other than
this product? Who needs it?
no, this hasn't landed yet. brade, why keep spamming us with people bitching
about it not working? This fix isn't going to ship for at least 6 months. I
think we all know how important this is.

Please stop depressing me.
patch attached. need r/sr.
Taking bug from janc.  I'm sure she appreciates it.
QA Contact: janc → lorca
beard gave me a couple of tweaks which i have integrated. r=beard.
Attached patch new patchSplinter Review
new patch, with additions from beard and sfraser

need r/a.
sr=sfraser on the 3rd patch.
code landed, but don't expect to see it in a shipping product for a long time.
Closed: 24 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Should we open a bug which says "delete evil (but extremely cool, thanks Pink)
native scrollbar implementation when mozilla is fully carbonised" ? 
My Logitech Mouseman with USB Overdrive works in nightly build 20001206 (MacOs 9.0.4-D).
Thanx for that!
Why I reopen the bug: The behaviour for multiple scrollbars is totally different to that in all other MacOs Apps.
Usualy the scrollwheel moves the nearest scrollbar that is available in the active window.
Mozilla-Scrollbars now need to activate the scrollable region before scrollling works.
Try this in bugzilla's query-page. If I choose something in one of the topmost windows and go down to the bottom of the page, the scrollwheel still handels that window untill i click to another. But all thos subwindows look active.

Even more anoying: 
You can't weelscroll a page as long as the cursor blinks in the URL-field of the browser.
Doublecheck this with any other Mac-Browser! The difference is so big and the solution ("click first!") is so unobvios that users think the scrollwheel funktion does sometimes work and is broken most of the time.

Greeting, Michi
Resolution: FIXED → ---
no time to get to this.
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9 → Future
Can the behavior most recently described be filed in a new bug since general 
support for the mousewheel is fixed?
pulling back in, i might be able to work on this.

i think it should take about a week to do this "right", interacting with the
view manager to put the native scrollbars in the right place for multiple
scrollbars and rewrite a wrapper CDEF to ignore the draw messages.
Whiteboard: [PDT-] → SWAG: 1 week
Target Milestone: Future → mozilla0.9
Once you go that far, would it be possible to let the OS draw the scrollbars? (I noticed 
waldemar added the nsbeta1 keyword to bug 35996.)
Target Milestone: mozilla0.9 → mozilla0.8
just checked in code so now we work with MSFT (usbOverdrive), logitech, and
XLR8. you still have to click to focus, but that's another bug entirely which
i'll open.

closing this one again.
Closed: 24 years ago24 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
the new bug about having to click is:
This doesn't work at all with my Kensington MouseWorks mouse (the black one with 
the 5 buttons).


Looks like they need explicit support too :( Shall I open a new bug? Lots of Mac 
folks use Kensington mice, cause they've always targeted the Mac market.
Can we get r= and sr= on the latest patch and see it on the trunk?
I'd do the r= for Logitech support but I left my Logitech mouse sitting on my 
desk when I left for FL last week.  Anyone on campus is welcome to stop by my 
cube and borrow it to verify functionality, just let me know so I can retrieve 
it when I get back in town.
Man, this thing works like a charm!  Now all I need is for Page Layout to be 
implemented and I won't have much to complain about:)!

Thanks guys!

VERIFIED on Mac 2001-01-02-08 build using Logitech Mouseman Wheel (optical).  
since 12/20/00, r=saari, sr=sfraser.

sigh. do you need my bloodtype and shoe size in here too?
Added branch accept to status whiteboard
Whiteboard: SWAG: 1 week → [branch accept] SWAG: 1 week
If you could add your chromosome maps for pairs 20 and 21, that would be great,
mmmkay pink?
fix checked into the branch.  I'll attach the exact diff we checked into the branch
At the risk of sounding terribly ignorant which branch is it you're talking about?

Or to put it another way, if I download a trunk build this weekend should I
expect it to work without any further effort - and it doesn't work with my
Kensignton mouse should I file a new bug on that?
the code is already on the trunk, and yes, file a new bug on kensington.
Kensington Mice appear not to work. See:
lorca - dan, please verify this on the branch and post your findings (ok or not)
here.  Also, try mouse support on other platforms as well.  Thanks.
OK, sorry about the delay here:).
The Win NT MTEST build is scrolling fine.  As an added bonus, when the URL Text 
box has focus, it can still scroll....which still is not the case on the Mac, 
although otherwise the Mac has no scrolling issue.  Linux I hav eno clue on, 
because although I have a scrolling mouse there, I never figured out how to get 
it working.

In other words, Mac (with Logitech mouse) and Win NT (with Microsoft mouse) both 
scroll without a hitch for most purposes.  I still would like the PC 
functionality to work on the Mac as it does in Win though.
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QA Contact: bugzilla → gerardok
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