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Valgrind builds should use an in-tree mozconfig


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Right now Valgrind builds build a mozconfig file from their build script. Since we've switched to having all our mozconfigs in the source tree, they should use an in-tree mozconfig instead. This would have prevented bug 735295.
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This just copies the nightly build mozconfigs to valgrind mozconfigs, removes some options that are not relevant, and adds a few from the script that are necessary.
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This patch changes the script to use the in-tree mozconfigs from the previous patch. It also tweaks the invocation, because these builds apparently weren't picking up the mozconfig. I bet we broke that somewhere along the way with our mozconfig-find changes.
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add in-tree mozconfigs for Valgrind builds

Review of attachment 607668 [details] [diff] [review]:

would it make sense to include the linux{,64} mozconfig instead of copying it?
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I guess it's feasible to include the nightly mozconfig and just add our additional options. The options I removed aren't really critical to not be there, they just seemed extraneous. That's probably a better plan to limit the amount of drift we introduce.
As suggested. This does keep things simpler, and should ensure that the Valgrind mozconfigs track the Nightly mozconfigs more closely.
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I'll push the build/tools changes once this hits mozilla-central. (Not that it would break the builds any worse than they are now, but for sanity's sake.)
Pushed the tools change:
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