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Adding the white-list for myapps (or stage-myapps) has no effect with a clean FF profile


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Firefox 14


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Navigating to displays a screen to add a preference dom.mozApps.whitelist

On machines where I added the white list in a prior nightly and have updated to today's nightly - this works. On NEW installs (or complete re-installs) of nightly adding the whitelist seems to have n effect. 

Tested on Windows 7 and Mac OSX
May be related to bug 746629. Sounds like a FF specific issue though. Moving to FF --> Web Apps.
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Not seeing this behavior with a dirty profile on Win 7 64-bit. Flagging qawanted to investigate.
Keywords: qawanted
I see this behaviour on today's Nightly with OSX.
Confirmed. The whitelisting no longer works. Seen this behavior on OS X 10.6.
Keywords: qawanted
Whiteboard: [marketplace-beta?]
Regression window: Was working on yesterday's nightly, not working on today's nightly. This likely involves the patches that were submitted yesterday on 4/17.
I think this happens only with a clean FF profile. Does not occur with a dirty profile.
Summary: Adding the white-list for myapps (or stage-myapps) has no effect. → Adding the white-list for myapps (or stage-myapps) has no effect with a clean FF profile
For comment 6 - Only if the dirty profile already had the whitelisting parameter set.
Looking at the whitelisting code, it's pretty fragile.  The value must be of exactly the format:,,... – each item must be a valid URL, separated with commas if you include multiple domains.  If an item is invalid that item and the rest after it are ignored and no error is reported.  Is there a chance you set the property differently?
In my case I used exactly that url, all lower case - tried 3 machines all with the same failure.
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This code, dom/base/Webapps.jsm line 52, is what is stopping the whitelist from being loaded:

    this.appsFile = FileUtils.getFile(DIRECTORY_NAME, ["webapps", "webapps.json"], true);

    if (!this.appsFile.exists())

So probably if you install an app, then restart your browser, the whitelist will start working.  I've attached a patch.
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Fix regression

This patch fixes a logic bug, that keeps the mozApps.mgmt whitelist from being loaded in profiles that otherwise have never used mozApps.install()

Risks? None that I see; the remainder of the code block is already protected by a try/catch
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Fix regression

[triage comment]
not related to Fennec at all, fine for a a=desktop-only
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lsblakk: I'm ready to check this in, but are you sure this is a=desktop-only?  dom/base/Webapps.jsm is loaded by Fennec; and the tree rules say only browser/ qualifies for that kind of approval (although akeybl recently extended it to webapprt/, which is only built with browser/).
Assignee: nobody → ianb
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Fix regression

Possible risk to Fennec Native 14 (if any):

This fixes a bug, also present in Fennec, which seems low-risk for two reasons:

1. There is no obvious benefit to relying on the current buggy behavior, so it seems unlikely for there to be any code in Fennec that depends on it.

2. The behavior is only triggered when websites access the mozApps API for interacting with Fennec's webapps feature, and webapps are not (yet!) a key feature of Fennec nor exposed much to its users.
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(Note: re-requested approval after conversation with Lukas on IRC and agreement that this isn't desktop-only and thus not subject to a=desktop-only.)
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