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Thunderbird release mozconfigs should take revision arguments from the environment


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Not set


(thunderbird13+ fixed, thunderbird14+ fixed, thunderbird-esr1013+ fixed)

Thunderbird 15.0
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thunderbird13 + fixed
thunderbird14 + fixed
thunderbird-esr10 13+ fixed


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In the ESR release build, we realised wasn't being passed the revision of mozilla-* to be building with. This was causing the wrong gecko version to be reported in the final binary build, and could lead to confusion in beta/release builds in future (different things included than expected).

The simple fix to this is to add --comm-rev=${COMM_REV} --mozilla-rev=${MOZILLA_REV} to the release mozconfigs on the CLIENT_PY_ARGS line. The release binary builders already have the relevant items set in the environment.
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Additional patch for all the branches, just fixes bitrot.
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We need this on esr10 and release to fix bustage, we'll also need it on aurora for the next cycle, beta isn't necessary as that's not needed now.
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We should follow this up with a fix to the whitelist in
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