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Update help contact for address books


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Some of the content in relation to address books is out of date.
* Entries in address books are now called Contacts rather than cards.
* New way of editing / viewing cards (from Bug 131571).
* Prefer display name option (from Bug 761720).
* New layout submenu (from Bug 762704).
* Other changes to the contact dialog that have happened in the last few years (if you spot bug numbers add them to the dependencies).

Cards->Contacts is bug 455246, and "Allow remote images in HTML mail" was removed in bug 995737.

Depends on: 455246, 995737
Attached patch help-addressbook (obsolete) — Splinter Review

(draft) comm-central patch on top of

Covers bug 455246, bug 995737 and bug 762704, but the other two still need to be addressed.

It seems I left three <li>s open; also update the commit message to include the bug number.

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