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Kuma: Need a way to set translation parent


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Migration was unable to establish translation parents for some pages. For example:

That page has translations in es and fr:

    {{ languages( { "es": "es/HTML/Elemento/button" ,  "fr": "fr/HTML/Element/Button" } ) }}

But, the translation parents were not migrated. So, we need the ability to manually choose a new translation parent for pages to fix this situation.
Where would this appear?  The "edit" page?  Somewhere in "admin"?
I'd say Edit page, ideally. There should be a way for general wiki editors to correct translation relationships. Otherwise, we're limited to the handful of admins that exist to do the work.
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How can we tell if a translation doesn't have a parent?  Simply no parent_id?  How can I tell if something is a translation?

We should only show that new field if the translation doesn't have a parent, right?
My proposal for this ticket is: If no "parent_id" is present, show this field as an autocompleter, much like the link editor
Sounds good to me.
Depends on: 765647
Friendly all aboard ping. We scheduled this one to be completed before the next sprint. How's it looking?
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I current have the front end completed on this branch:

I attempted to complete the server side with these lines:

But upon submission, I receive the following error:

    [A revision must be based on a revision of the English document. Revision ID 891 does not fit those criteria.]

Updating ticket as progress.
Blocks: 773292
No longer blocks: 756263
This is complicated by the fact that kitsune wants non-english revisions to be based_on corresponding documents' en-US revisions. MDN has always had some pages that were never based on en_US pages.

We can break it by removing the constraint, but that will also break kitsune's feature that notifies localizers when an English document changes. (See bug 671717)

So, we're deferring this feature to post-launch.
Blocks: 756266
No longer blocks: 773292
Blocks: 773292
No longer blocks: 756266
Blocks: 756266
No longer blocks: 773292
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Moving out of the release as per our discussions last week.
No longer blocks: 756266
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No longer blocks: 782493
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Whiteboard: u=user c=wiki p=2 s=2012-08-22 → u=user c=wiki p=3 s=2012-08-22
Blocks: 782493
Whiteboard: u=user c=wiki p=3 s=2012-08-22 → u=user c=wiki p=3 s=2012-08-22 s=2012-08-29
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Commits pushed to master at
fix bug 765632 - Adding parent-settings capabilities for translations

Adding show block logic


Updating to front-end progress

Merge pull request #575 from groovecoder/set-trans-parent-765632-squashed

fix bug 765632 - Adding parent-settings capabilities for translations
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