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Short Description:
Support for Instantbird, a Mozilla-based instant messaging client.

Long Description:
This list is for <a href="">Instantbird</a> users, who need help using Instantbird. Please note:
* Messages from <a href=""></a> are forwarded to this mailing list, please keep the original poster in the loop when replying to the list.
* The people answering questions are community volunteers. As a subscriber, you're free to answer questions too.
* When posting, please state which version of Instantbird you are using, which operating system you are using and any protocols/networks you are seeing the issue on.
* Read the <a href="">Mozilla Forum Etiquette</a> page before posting. Thanks.

Warning: this mailing list has public archives where your messages will be publicly readable, so ensure you don't include any private data.

Justification / Special Instructions:

Bug 765741 requests, which would be for all chat topics. In order to avoid fragmenting the chat module developers' time too much, it would make sense to allow all discussion about things related to the chat code (including Instantbird) to happen through a single media.

Note that this would replace the current "Instantbird contact" Google Group [1], which is quite overrun with spam currently. :(

Also see bug 749586 for further justification.

Over to server-ops.

Assignee: gerv → server-ops
Assignee: server-ops → mburns
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I see this (and are on Giganews now, but they don't yet seem to be on Google Groups, do we know approximately how long that takes?

Also, I see the mailing list has an administration interface, should I have access to that? If so, I have no idea what my password would be. :) Thanks.
Password reset.

I'll email Google Groups about why it hasn't been added yet.
Whiteboard: [waiting for Giganews and Google] → [waiting for Google Groups]
Depends on: 716007
(In reply to Michael Burns [:mburns] from comment #3)
> Password reset.
It seems it was reset only for (and I can get in fine), not for (or I at least never got any email about this one).
Email resent for your admin credentials.

Per bug 716007#c38, is still not correctly listed with Google Groups. But there admins do seem to be keenly aware of the problem.
Closing, as this should be fully operational. Please let me know if it isn't.
Closed: 11 years ago
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