layout/media not always relinking when things change

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Both me and Nick Cameron have noticed layout/media is not always relinking gkmedias.dll when stuff that is linked in there changes. (Like Azure for example)

This can cause unexpected (old) code to be run and linked in, causing all kinds of mysterious bugs. It can also cause newly added symbols not to be found when xul is linking to gkmedias. It's a big problem.
This was one of the (3-4) causes of bustage today that caused myself and RyanVM to spend about 6 hours of a weekend messing about with retriggers.

The changesets in question that landed were:

Examples of the crashes at:

Please can someone take a look at this, since it's only going to bite us again (and you can bet during peak coalescing hours :-/).

Severity: critical → blocker
Hardware: x86_64 → x86
CCing sheriffs who might be affected by this in the future.
Just as a reminder.. this bug is -still- there. This will continue to cause build bustages.
This bit us again on inbound last night. I have way too little build-system knowledge to know where to start with this, or I'd try and take a look myself :-(

Please may someone take a look?
And a few more times this afternoon/evening.

Every time I have to clobber on all platforms - this is really hurting our infra load at the moment.
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> Patch
> Ugh.

Amazing that it worked at all. And that has been there for, like, ever.
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> Amazing that it worked at all. And that has been there for, like, ever.

Ah, I'm realizing this was triggered by bug 757339, which means this affects aurora but not beta.
Yeah, aurora showed the effects by hitting bug 777755 until I clobbered it.
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land away to Aurora.
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