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Remove Java Console extensions in the install directory's extensions directory on install and app update.


(SeaMonkey :: Installer, defect)

Windows 7
Not set


(seamonkey2.49esr wontfix, seamonkey2.53 affected, seamonkey2.57esr fixed, seamonkey2.60 fixed)

Tracking Status
seamonkey2.49esr --- wontfix
seamonkey2.53 --- affected
seamonkey2.57esr --- fixed
seamonkey2.60 --- fixed


(Reporter: philip.chee, Assigned: frg)


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Firefox fixed this in Bug 597235 and Bug 654131. We should do the same. Our NSIS installer macros are sufficiently similar that this is likely to be a straight one to one port.
Can you confirm that you're still working on this bug?
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That't the default assignee. It's now a GFB looking for a volunteer. I'll change the flags to take it of your radar.
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Attached patch ahmed3.patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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Hi Medka,
thanks for the patch! Take a look at my comment below.

::: suite/installer/windows/nsis/shared.nsh
@@ +799,5 @@
> +!macro RemoveDeprecatedFiles
> +	; Remove talkback if it is present (remove after bug 386760 is fixed)
> +	${If} ${FileExists} "$INSTDIR\extensions\\"
> +		RmDir /r /REBOOTOK "$INSTDIR\extensions\\"
> +	${EndIf}

Can you remove this part? :) Bug 386760 has already been fixed quite a while ago, also(?) we don't ship Talkback for quite a few years now.
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Firefox removed most of the console extensions covered in the previous patch but added some newer in. I just used a generic loop to kill them all.

Starting with 2.50 the plugin itself isn't supported anymore. Does anyone know if the plugin CAFEEFAC-00xx-0000-00xx-ABCDEFFEDCBC is also installed under extensions? I installed an old 1.6 jre but it was not there.
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LGTM r/a=me - I don't have java / SM on windows, so cannot test but looks right
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Remove Java Console extensions in the install directory's extensions directory on install and app update. r=IanN
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