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Port |Bug 370750 - Add MOCHITESTS_DIR magic to config/| and |Bug 920223 - Mass convert MOCHITEST_* variables to manifests| to SeaMonkey


(SeaMonkey :: Testing Infrastructure, defect, P2)


(seamonkey2.35 affected, seamonkey2.36 affected, seamonkey2.37 fixed)

Tracking Status
seamonkey2.35 --- affected
seamonkey2.36 --- affected
seamonkey2.37 --- fixed


(Reporter: sgautherie, Assigned: iannbugzilla)





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Flags: in-testsuite-
Blocks: 735433
Assignee: bugzillamozillaorg_serge_20140323 → iann_bugzilla
Depends on: 883114, 882848, 912293
Depends on: 932147, 924209, 968837, 920223
Summary: Port |Bug 370750 - Add MOCHITESTS_DIR magic to config/| to SeaMonkey → Port |Bug 370750 - Add MOCHITESTS_DIR magic to config/| and |Bug 920223 - Mass convert MOCHITEST_* variables to manifests| to SeaMonkey
Attached patch Port mochitest changes (obsolete) — Splinter Review
With this patch can now run things like:
TEST_PATH=suite/common/ make -C $OBJ_DIR mochitest-chrome
TEST_PATH=suite/browser/test/browser/ make -C $OBJ_DIR mochitest-browser-chrome
SM starts, not all tests pass but fixing those is probably outside the scope of this bug.
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Port mochitest changes

Your patch looks remarkably like which unfortunately was backed out of comm-central

> -TEST_DIRS += ['test']
> +    'test/browser/browser.ini',
> +]
This looks more compact.

> [browser_bug462289.js]
> skip-if = toolkit == "cocoa"[browser_bug519216.js]
> [browser_bug561636.js]
Em, I think there should be an extra newline somewhere there.

What does [DEFAULT] do?

> support-files =
>   alltabslistener.html
In some places you interleave tests with support files and in others you group all the support files together. Is there any reason for this?

I notice that in Brian O'Keefe's version common support files get their own grouping plus each test has interleaved support files if any.

Other than that everything works modulo failing tests.

Non-review notes: The locations of the tests seem to have changed slightly e.g.
TEST_PATH=suite/browser/test/browser_bug561636.js mozmake -C ../objdir-sm/ mochitest-browser-chrome
=> TEST_PATH=suite/browser/test/browser/browser_bug561636.js mozmake -C ../objdir-sm/ mochitest-browser-chrome

TEST_PATH=suite/browser/test/test_contextmenu.html  mozmake -C ../objdir-sm/ mochitest-plain
=> TEST_PATH=suite/browser/test/mochitest/test_contextmenu.html  mozmake -C ../objdir-sm/ mochitest-plain

TEST_PATH=suite/browser/test/test_maxSniffing.html  mozmake -C ../objdir-sm/ mochitest-chrome
=> TEST_PATH=suite/browser/test/chrome/test_maxSniffing.html  mozmake -C ../objdir-sm/ mochitest-chrome
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Carrying forward r=
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Port mochitest changes v2 [Checked in: Comment 6]
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Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → seamonkey2.37
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Flags: needinfo?(bugzillamozillaorg_serge_20140323)
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