Order and build 5 panda chassis



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6 years ago
We will be building 5 panda chassis in order to stand up 60 panda boards in scl1.
The fabrication company has started production and will ship them as they come off the assembly line.  Desktop is ordering the parts today.

The parts being ordered include 60 Panda ES boards and SD Cards.


6 years ago
Blocks: 725544


6 years ago
Blocks: 777714
Whiteboard: [reit-panda]
Here are the current ship dates:
Order 17413 (PSU Mounting plate) - expected ship date is 7/31
Order 17012 (4U Chassis) - Expected ship date also moved up to 08/03 and the second lot is expected to ship 08/09
Order 18282 (Vertical Brackets) - All three lots expected to ship 07/31 

We expect all of the panda boards and sdcards should be here by the time the vertical mounts arrive.
Blocks: 778733
No longer blocks: 725544
We have have received about half of the chassis parts today, the rest are expected tomorrow.  We have also received all 60 panda boards.
We did not get any additional parts delivered yesterday.
All parts have come in, dividehex is starting work on assembling the chassis.
We are missing the chassis which is delayed due to the Canadian holiday today.  Jake has all pre-wiring done.  We expect the chassis tomorrow.


6 years ago
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6 years ago
All chassis and parts have arrived.  We have 3 of 5 chassis built.

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6 years ago
All 5 chassis have been built.  Next step is to get them racked and cabled in SCL1.

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6 years ago
786695 opened to track cabling and 780233 for when it comes time to image the SD cards.
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