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Add support of installing of multiple apps off of the same origin for the android web runtime


(Firefox for Android Graveyard :: Web Apps (PWAs), enhancement, P1)



(firefox16 affected, firefox17 affected, fennec-)

Firefox 34
Tracking Status
firefox16 --- affected
firefox17 --- affected
fennec - ---


(Reporter: jsmith, Assigned: myk)



(Whiteboard: [WebRuntime][blocking-webrtandroid1-])


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In bug 775847, the proposal has been put out to add support for installing of multiple apps off of the same origin in the DOM registry for the mozapps API. This bug aims to provide the implementation to support installing of multiple apps off of the same origin in the android web runtime. Steps to figure this out include:

- Identifying any implementation areas that assume the one app per origin rule
- Identify any UI exposure that establishes a mentality for one app per origin that may need to be changed
- Implementing those said pieces needed to allow for multiple apps per origin
Depends on: 775847
Blocks: 778297
This needs a priority decision.
tracking-fennec: --- → ?
Priority: -- → P1
Based on today's apps discussion, I'd say this is really important to get done soon. As soon as we close out our blockers to be able to ship a v1 on android, I'd suggest we make this a top priority for v2 on Android (i.e. Firefox 17). I therefore suggest we make this tracking-fennec: 17+
tracking-fennec: ? → +
Duplicate of this bug: 785456
Duplicate of this bug: 785439
Whiteboard: [blocking-webrtandroid1-]
Sending this back into triage - we aren't doing some forseeable future. I don't think we need to track this anymore until the priority for this becomes evident.
tracking-fennec: + → ?
Priority: P1 → --
tracking-fennec: ? → -
We aren't implementing this anytime soon.

==> P3
Priority: -- → P3
No longer blocks: 778297
No longer depends on: 775847
Depends on: 778277
Blocks: 778277
No longer depends on: 778277
Severity: normal → enhancement
Whiteboard: [blocking-webrtandroid1-] → [WebRuntime][blocking-webrtandroid1-]
Taking and reprioritizing, as Fabrice would like to land DOM support for multiple apps per origin early in the next cycle.
Assignee: nobody → myk
Priority: P3 → P1
This WIP updates about:apps to identify apps by manifest URL instead of origin.
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This also removes the obsolete origin-based homescreen shortcut creation code.  I think this is a complete set of fixes, but I need to do more testing to confirm, and there's some code in this patch that I added but ended up not using, so I'll need to remove that stuff.
Attachment #8456942 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Ok, tested and cleaned up.  There are a few fixes here:

1. about:apps was identifying apps by origin, so it would mistake two apps from the same one.  Now it identifies them by manifest URL.

2. EventListener was calling GeckoAppShell.getWebappIntent, which identifies apps by origin, in order to launch them.  Now it creates the intent using PackageManager.getLaunchIntentForPackage, since the new implementation stores the APK package name, so we don't need to craft a custom intent.

3. GeckoAppShell.createShortcut was also calling GeckoAppShell.getWebappIntent to create "webapp" shortcuts, but nothing creates such shortcuts anymore, since we removed that feature from about:apps.  So I removed support for the "webapp" shortcut type.

And since that's the only shortcut type that GeckoAppShell treats differently, I further removed support for shortcut types generally, which simplifies createShortcut and related methods significantly.

(But I left in the aIntent parameter to nsIShellService.createShortcut, in case there are addons or other code outside Central that is using that interface.  But we could remove that too, if it's strictly an internal interface.)

4. GeckoAppShell.removeShortcut was also calling GeckoAppShell.getWebappIntent, but it's no longer being called from anywhere.  So I removed it, which enabled me to remove getWebappIntent itself.

Note that WebappImpl uses the origin for a couple different purposes, but it never uses it to identify apps uniquely, so those uses don't need to change.
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patch v1: identify apps by manifest URL and APK package name

You can probably remove these constants too:
Attachment #8459803 - Flags: review?(mark.finkle) → review+
(In reply to Mark Finkle (:mfinkle) from comment #12)
> You can probably remove these constants too:

Good point!  I removed them in the version I pushed to fx-team:
Closed: 8 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 34
Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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