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Move site preferences menu item to the urlbar context menu


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Firefox 17


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We can remove this item from our default menu and add it to the urlbar context menu (Later we could add it to the awesomescreen too? but don't want to distract from the easier fix here...).
Adding Ian. This would be an easy win to remove a rarely used menuitem from the main menu.
Awesome idea. It might make sense to change the menu title to simply read "Site Settings", instead of "Clear Site Settings" as well -- you don't always open this item to clear everything out, sometimes you might just turn one thing on or off.
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This moves the menu item. Doing the strings in a separate patch so that we can uplift this easier.
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This changes this string to "Site Settings…".
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Patch 1/2

You added to because that's where the context menu handler is now. Should that be moved to BrowserApp in a new bug?
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Strings Patch 2/2

I like how we didn't need to change any other files because the entity in did not need to change.
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Duplicate of this bug: 757389
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Adrian, please update any test-cases.
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Clear Site Preferences is now moved to URL bar as Site Settings... 
For clearing the inconsistencies in URL bar context menu is filled Bug 786999. 

Adrian will follow up when TC is updated.
Build ID: 17.0a2 (2012-08-29) Aurora Channel
Device: Galaxy Nexus 
OS: Android 4.0.4
Changed the test cases for Firefox 17 and up for both phones and tablets.

Changed tests:  - also updated the Custom Menu content with Apps and Reading list items
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