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permanently redirect URLs from old crash-stats site


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We are changing the URL scheme used by the django app, let's use rewrite rules so that old URLs don't break.
I can handle the obvious cases, but is it worth e.g. looking at access logs on the current webheads to make sure we're not missing anything?

Would be nice to get a breakdown of URLs ordered by count for the past year (or whatever time period is sufficient).
Assignee: nobody → rhelmer
Depends on: 788057
peterbe suggests using for this instead, so it's under direct dev control and isn't hidden away in the Apache config. Sounds reasonable to me!
Summary: create Apache rewrite rules for socorro-crashstats → permanently redirect URLs from old crash-stats site
Blocks: 788057
No longer depends on: 788057
No longer blocks: 788057
Should not happen until after we ship and make sure we didn't do any of these wrong - temporary redirects are much easier to fix than permanent ones :)
No longer blocks: 749359
Depends on: 749359
Peterbe would you mind taking care of this one?
Assignee: rhelmer → nobody
Depends on: 897273
Assignee: nobody → peterbe
Same list (urls that have 404'ed more than 10 times in June,July 2013) but now with a list of referrers for each.
Commits pushed to master at
bug 787240 - Correct usage of loading.png
bug 787240 - fix links to excanvas.pack.js
bug 787240 - fixed 404s where the url ends in just /os_name/$
bug 787240 - fix link to pending ajax report
bug 787240 - redirecting to legacy topcrasher urls without versions specified
bug 787240 - redirecting to legacy topchangers urls without versions specified
bug 787240 - fixes redirects for home page with product ending in .../versions/$
Merge pull request #1367 from peterbe/bug-787240-permanently-redirect-urls-from-old-crash-stats-site

Bug 787240 permanently redirect urls from old crash stats site
There are more URLs that 404 but the majority of the biggest offenders has now been dealt with.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Changes for this bug are going out in 56.
Target Milestone: --- → 56
Bumping to qa verified -  I do not see 404s although there is a new 500 error on the report/list summary. Bug 902839 captures this.
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