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Security review of SMS support


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This is a tracking bug for security component of the proposed SMS support feature.
What do you mean by "proposed SMS support feature"?
RE: rkent :
Read the associated Mozilla wiki page for a more complete explanation; but the basic idea is there is a proposal to add SMS "the text messaging protocol" to Thunderbird so users can use said messaging from TB. Due to the nature of this protocol, security will be a major issue. This is a tracking bug for that; sort of like bug 761815, except the feature hasn't been shelved.
Is that SMS sent via the mobile phone (on Firefox OS)? But there is no TB for such devices I think.

Is that SMS sent via some web SMS gateway?
RE: aceman:

1. No. This feature only refers to SMS via the Thunderbird PC client. It has nothing to do with the B2G SMS features, although it may borrow some code from them.
You are correct in that Thunderbird has no mobile counterpart. This feature is for SMS via Thunderbird on regular computers.

2. It has not yet been determined how the SMS messages will be sent, as a result #2 is To Be Determined.
Severity: normal → enhancement
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(actually this is not a meta, as there's nothing to track)
Keywords: meta
See Also: → 761322
Summary: Tracking bug for SMS support → Security review of SMS support
Severity: normal → S3
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