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Text field does not jump in to view when tapped


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Firefox 18
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(Reporter: andreea.pod, Assigned: kats)



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Build: Firefox 18.0a1 (2012-09-23)
Device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
OS: Android 4.1.1

Steps to reproduce: 
1. go to > Advanced Search
2. open Detailed Bug Information 
3. tap on the text field next to Keywords

Expected result:
- the page should scroll until the text field is over the keyboard allowing you to see the text field and what you write

Actual result:
- text field is covered by the keyboard and you are not able to see what you write
Can you reproduce this on any other page other than Bugzilla?
Keywords: testcase-wanted
Is this a regression?

Kats, has scrollIntoView behaviour changed? I remember a bug similar to this fixed many months ago.
Looks like a regression, yes. I haven't touched this behaviour in a while and I don't think anybody else has either. Can we get a regression range?
Blocks: 791338
Maybe this?

c0ccd183b276 Brad Lassey — bug 727352 - don't use JSON for viewport meta data r=kats,mfinkle

It would be good to bisect on inbound to narrow down the range further.
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(In reply to Andreea Pod from comment #7)
> pushloghtml?fromchange=d71ef24d5b56&tochange=45a10fa9d60b

That should be

But thanks, that confirms that this is a regression from bug 727352. I have a patch that fixes it on bug 791338 but I'll move that over to this bug as it's more appropriate here.
Blocks: 727352
Moving the patch at to this bug. Carrying the r+ since blassey already reviewed it, and updated the bug number.
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Closed: 7 years ago
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Is Aurora affected here?
Keywords: testcase-wanted
No, this one is a regression in 18 only.
Duplicate of this bug: 795464
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