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Remote debugging needs to show connection status in place


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I tried remote debugger/web console. But there is not any information of remote connection status. (I looked into toolkit error console, but there is no such things)

I propose that, remote debugging tool should show about connection status info. in place. So their information just need "connection start" & "connection end".
If these information are shown, developer do not have to mind that whether remote debug tools is connected or not.

I think it is validness that their information is shown in toolkit error console or remote web console.
We have plans for this functionality, but it's kind of scattered among a few bugs: bug 751677, bug 802231, bug 800447 and the toolbox work. I'm not duping this right now to make sure we don't forget any of it.
Depends on: 751677, 802231, 800447
Panos, should we show that in the connection screen or the toolbox?
(In reply to Paul Rouget [:paul] from comment #2)
> Panos, should we show that in the connection screen or the toolbox?

The request is about showing the status when working with the tool (to monitor disconnections, etc.), so the right place I believe is the toolbox toolbar. I think we could simply use a "Disconnect" button to allow disconnecting from one instance and connecting to another, and change the icon/label when the connection is dropped to "Connect".
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