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Create database migration of SuMoMo (Thunderbird) KB articles


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For the sprint currently schedulded for the week of December 10, 2012, dump the SuMoMo articles and migrate to SUMO staging on
Don't think this happened yet
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We'll have to figure out how we want to migrate this data (a sql script? a south data migration?) first.

Making this 5pts for now. It's probably a shitton of work.
Summary: Create Database Dump of SuMoMo KB articles and migrate to SUMO staging on → Create database migration of SuMoMo (Thunderbird) KB articles
Whiteboard: u=user c=wiki p= s=2014.2 → u=user c=wiki p=5 s=2014.2
We shouldn't do this with a south migration.

We'd need to do a migration script. The ids for everything and the table structures are all going to be different, so we'll need to write a script to go through all the data from a SuMoMo data dump (in some format), rearrange it into the right form for SUMO and then insert it into the db and connect all the pk and fk correctly.

The db folks might have good ideas on what tools to use to do this.

I concur this is a large project.
Also, I am guessing there is media (gallery images) that go along with the articles. We need to migrate that too along with the files somehow. wheeeeee
Here's what we had talked about migrating back when:

Probably makes sense to go over it again and break that down into several bugs if necessary.
assigning to mike!
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I think we're done here. \o/
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