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Place tab tray on top in tablet portrait view


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Firefox 22


(Reporter: ibarlow, Assigned: lucasr)




As part of our tab tray refinements, let's bring the tab tray up to the top when browsing in portrait mode. It's a more efficient use of UI space, and is more useful and looks nicer than a giant empty sidebar :)

* Tabs scroll horizontally in this view
* Synced tabs scroll horizontally in columns
* Swipe up to delete normal and private tabs
(In reply to Ian Barlow (:ibarlow) from comment #0)

> * Swipe up to delete normal and private tabs

Swiping up to close in portrait, but swiping left/right to close in landscape seems a bit confusing. And is opposite of what happens in bug 817735.
It's opposite because we have different UI structures for tablets and phones. Phones are too small to present a useful sidebar for tabs, and tablets are too big to have the tab interface take over 75% of the screen when it opens. 

As for the different scroll / swipe to close orientations, I'll paste what I noted in bug 817735, that it's a pretty common interaction on Android ICS+ nowadays. 

Take a look at Stock Browser, Chrome, the App Switcher. They all use a similar model and it's fairly easy to pick up on. If it is too much for people to handle, we can add in a more visual affordance, like a close button, if need be.
I'll be working on this from now on. I'll start with the horizontal listview/gridview changes in tabs tray.
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