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Ability to organize items (top sites, bookmarks) on the Metro start page


(Firefox for Metro Graveyard :: Firefox Start, defect, P2)

Windows 8.1


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(Whiteboard: p=8 s=it-30c-29a-28b.3 r=ff30)

It should be possible to drag and drop to change the order of bookmarks and top sites (and any other user-ordered data?) on about:start (new tab page).
It would be nice to support reordering sessions on the start page.
I have heard feedback from users that they would like to have sync tabs after top sites.

If we are support semantic zoom on start page(which I believe it's important to have for a final product). Reordering the zoomed-out sessions should be supported too.

I think this should be a feature at the last iteration, once all the sessions are close to being finalized. Dragging and arranging requires fluid transitions. We need to work on making basic animations smoother first.
drag and drop for tiles is out for v1.
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Duplicate of this bug: 951818
Duplicate of this bug: 969386
Summary: Ability to re-order items (top sites, bookmarks) on the Metro start page → Ability to organize items (top sites, bookmarks) on the Metro start page
Priority: P1 → P2
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Depends on: 979005
Assignee: msamuel → nobody
OS: Windows 8 Metro → Windows 8.1
Mass close of bugs in obsolete product
Closed: 5 years ago
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