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B2G automation should use busybox during the install_gecko step if it's available


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Gonk (Firefox OS)
Not set


(firefox19 fixed, firefox20 fixed, firefox21 fixed, b2g18 fixed, b2g18-v1.0.0 wontfix, b2g18-v1.0.1 fixed)

Tracking Status
firefox19 --- fixed
firefox20 --- fixed
firefox21 --- fixed
b2g18 --- fixed
b2g18-v1.0.0 --- wontfix
b2g18-v1.0.1 --- fixed


(Reporter: ahal, Assigned: ahal)




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The setup time is about 6-10 minutes. There are now 18 B2G emulator chunks across the various tests which equals almost 3 hours of slave time per push wasted on setup. Lets try and speed this up.

One quick win is to install busybox on the emulators and use that to copy all the gecko files over at once. I don't know how much faster it will be.
Assignee: nobody → ahalberstadt
Depends on: 821865
I'll push this to ash to test it out since it requires a mozharness change too.
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Preliminary results seem to show that this cuts down 2-3 minutes per chunk. That's a bigger win than I was expecting.
I'll have to land the gecko patch everywhere before landing the mozharness one. I'll wait till next week when I'll be around all day to supervise it.
In order to make sure we don't get any failures I had to commit a part 1 gecko patch which is just the changes to add the busybox arg to the reftest and mochitest harnesses.

Once this lands on central I'll commit the mozharness patch, then I can safely commit the marionette portion of the gecko patch.
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Part 1 landed with an incorrect bug number (bug 812012). Happened to spot it by chance, but not until after the script had closed that bug. 

Ideally please can we have a backout + reland (n the same push, with DONTBUILD on the topmost changeset), so hg annotate shows the correct bug number?
(Also note that part 1 missed the merge of mozilla20 to aurora; so needs to land there too)
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla21
gecko patch part 2:

I probably won't bother landing on aurora/b2g18 as it isn't something that's critical.
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Crap. I just realized that the install_gecko step is happening before the install_busybox step. This means a third gecko patch is needed.
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gecko patch part 3:
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