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Remote CPP unit tests: pass environment variables


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It should be possible to modify the environment variables used when running remote cpp unit tests. Some defaults are set by and, but certain tests may require special modifications.
Depends on: 811411
This adds a --addEnv option to --addEnv takes a string argument that should be of the form "envvar=value". The option may be repeated.

This way you can do something like:

export EXTRA_TEST_ARGS="--addEnv myvar1=myval1 --addEnv myvar2=myval2"
make cppunittests-remote

Each specified environment variable is passed to the remote execution environment. A variable specified with --addEnv using the same variable name as a well-known variable (like TMPDIR) over-writes the well-known default. "--addEnv myvar=" (or "--addEnv myvar") is allowed so that well-known env variables defined by or may be cleared.
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provide --addEnv option for

Review of attachment 692442 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: testing/
@@ +165,5 @@
>          defaults["remoteTestRoot"] = "/data/local/tests"
> +        self.add_option("--addEnv", action = "append",
> +                    type = "string", dest = "addEnv",
> +                    help = "additional remote environment variable definitions")

can you put an example of what this would look like?  --addEnv="myenvvar=true" or something like that.
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Added example to option help as per review comment. r=jmaher
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The patch here seems to be against a previous patch or script that contains a "remoteTestRoot" clause.  None of the patches that I can find in other bugs have that, so I had to massage this by hand to make it apply.
:dmose -- sorry about that! You need a patch queue like this:

bug 811411
bug 821033
bug 821590
bug 824274
bug 821425
bug 821424

...even so, this patch had bitrotted -- updated now.
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That fixed things up nicely; thanks!
Re-based for new patch on bug 811411.
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