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Story - Touch scrolling and panning


(Tracking Graveyard :: Metro Operations, defect, P1)

Windows 8.1


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Attached file UC-136 Touch scrolling and panning (obsolete) —
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Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: c=Content_features u= p= → c=Content_features u=metro_firefox_user p=
Summary: Touch scrolling and panning → Story – Touch scrolling and panning
Whiteboard: c=Content_features u=metro_firefox_user p= → c=Content_features u=metro_firefox_user feature=story
Depends on: 777610
Depends on: 801154
Depends on: 801186
OS: Windows 8 → Windows 8 Metro
Whiteboard: c=Content_features u=metro_firefox_user feature=story → feature=story c=Content_features u=metro_firefox_user p=0
No longer depends on: 801154
Depends on: metro-omtc
No longer depends on: metro-omtc
Blocks: metrov1planning
No longer blocks: metrov1backlog
Summary: Story – Touch scrolling and panning → Story - Touch scrolling and panning
Component: General → Metro Operations
Product: Firefox for Metro → Tracking
Version: unspecified → ---
Depends on: 819041
Jim can you provide a point value for this story?
This is blocked by a ton of stuff. My current max point value is 30, so I guess I'll go with that.
Whiteboard: feature=story c=Content_features u=metro_firefox_user p=0 → feature=story c=Content_features u=metro_firefox_user p=30
Priority: P2 → P3
Priority: P3 → P4
Priority: P4 → P3
Depends on: Async_Pan_Zoom
Blocks: metrov1backlog
No longer blocks: metrov1planning
Depends on: 856275
Priority: P3 → P1
Depends on: 801154
No longer depends on: Async_Pan_Zoom
Depends on: metro-apzc
No longer depends on: 801154
Points are already given in bug 869940 and its followup polish bug. Marking this as a dupe.
No longer blocks: 831565, metrov1backlog
Closed: 11 years ago
No longer depends on: 801186, 819041, 856275, metro-apzc, 777610
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Whiteboard: feature=story c=Content_features u=metro_firefox_user p=30 → feature=story c=Content_features u=metro_firefox_user p=0
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UC-136 	 Touch scrolling and panning

Story moved to bug 886321
Attachment #703552 - Attachment is obsolete: true
OS: Windows 8 Metro → Windows 8.1
Product: Tracking → Tracking Graveyard
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