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test_resize_move_windows.xul fails on an ubuntu 12.04 VM, causes 45 other failures


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we are going to be running unittests on EC2 VMs in the near future and test_resize_move_windows.xul (from mochitest-chrome) fails consistently:

This test times out and then about 45 other failures occur as a result of this failure.  I have verified this by removing this test and running the mochitest-chrome suite and only get a few failures.

If this test requires real hardware, please let us know, otherwise, we need to get this fixed or disabled.
I do not think it requires real hardware. Only real window manager.

Actually, I can reproduce this on my new Fedora. When I wrote the test, I wasn't using the same window manager. I will try to have a look and fix that next week.

This said, we run all our tests in old version of Fedora and I always thought that most of them wouldn't work well in another environment. Is this the only issue you have with running our test suite in a quite recent Ubuntu?
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I am tracking the failures in bug 834725, but there are very few issues as it stands.  I only have 3 other bugs to file.  

thanks for looking at this next week!
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:mounir, any luck with this?
I had a look but I wasn't able to identify the problem. For the moment, it seems that a request to move the window is simply ignored by GTK.

BTW, this test is currently disabled on Linux.
thanks for taking a look at this last week.  The mochitest-plain test is disabled for linux, but the mochitest-chrome test is still active:

Should we disable the mochitest-chrome one for linux as we do for plain?
(In reply to Mounir Lamouri (:mounir) from comment #4)
> For the moment, it
> seems that a request to move the window is simply ignored by GTK.

I wouldn't be surprised if the window manager ignored a request to move the window off the screen.
so what I see happening here is that we resize the window to some really small amount and there is no focus on the window.  If I click the window it moves further along in the test, but it doesn't pass.  I am really thinking we need to disable this for gtk2.
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Thanks for the review!
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disable the chrome test_resize_windows.xul test for linux (1.0)

>+ifneq (Linux,$(OS_ARCH))
>+		test_resize_move_windows.xul \
>+		$(NULL)

This should be MOCHITEST_CHROME_FILES (getting timeout on m-c in this test):
Pushed followup:

(I've very almost made exactly the same mistake - I have a file to copy/paste the makefile disable-on-one-platform boilerplate, and is easy to forget to substitute the test type :-))
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