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Make TBPL submit orange bug data to both the old metrics ES instance and the new IT SCL3 one


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New one:
* Changes brace style (bringing them onto the same line)
* Fixes whitespace
* Moves the "open log file" lines up a bit, ready for part 2.

(Not sure what local diff program you have, but I find DiffMerge excellent for seeing the wood for the trees, for whitespace changes like this, btw).
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* Makes the server URLs pref an array, with the new ES instance added (from bug 772503 comment 19).
* Loops the last part of the file (that actually handles the submission) and submits to each server in the array.

Suspect there isn't a huge amount we can do to test locally, since it's always been a bit sketchy for me anyway - so likely just a case of pushing and see (lol).
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(Note part 2 isn't as bad as it looks - there's only ~2 lines added, one changed and the rest indented).
I should add that the logging in that file is a bit of a joke, since aiui we have no way of accessing that file on production - plus the TBPL UI drops all failures on the floor (in a similar vein to the now fixed bug 844102); but probably not worth fixing at this point, with TBPL2 on the way.
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Depends on: 848870
Testing blocked on bug 849161, since without that I cannot submit to
Depends on: 849161
I've decided not to wait any longer and just land this on tbpl-dev, since unless we come up with a way to migrate the OF data from the old metrics instance to the new IT instance, we're going to lose all results that haven't been submitted to both during the transition period.
Depends on: 851295
In production :-)
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Product: Tree Management → Tree Management Graveyard
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